“…not to condemn the world…” (but to virtue signal?)

Saw this posted on the FB of a popular Christian band, whom I happen to like. Take a moment. Read it. Let it soak in.


Now, let me ask a question of my fellow Christians out there: Do you honestly know of any other Christian that is actively working to ‘condemn the world’? Maybe its just me, but this note (I don’t know if it was made by a band member or someone else) seems to me like virtue signaling of the worst kind.

“Imagine if his followers were like that too…”

Imagine if his followers were not caving in to feminism, egalitarianism, mysticism and al the other -isms and -cisms out there, but instead were obedient to scripture and rid the church of such sins and sin-followers, rather than acquiescing to them and allowing them to dilute the church! Instead messages like this post make it seem like calling someone out on their sinful behavior is wrong for Christians.

Or maybe I’m just reading it wrong.


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

One thought on ““…not to condemn the world…” (but to virtue signal?)”

  1. Naw, i think you got it right. That seems the growing sentiment from the pseudo-Christians. pffffttt!

    Besides, you are talking about a band (Christian or otherwise). Remember the convo we just had on Sterling? The ‘biz affects everyone eventually.

    Most “Christian” music now-a-days is all just lovey-dovey, self-aggrandizement, puke anyway. And apparently it’s been that way for longer than I realized. I’ve tried going on Pandora to find some old-time religion-type hymns and it’s Dolly Parton and gang who do nothing more than show off. Just sing the damn (forgive me) song! Gah!

    Sorry, I’m done. LOL

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