Conflicting Messages: Shatter Me, Hold My Heart

Women receive conflicting messages from the most unlikely of places, but one of the more prevalent and shameless mediums is the music industry. Because of this constant barrage of conflicting messages many women have no clue what they want. I am reminded of this today when watching a music video from someone I listen to every so often, Lindsey Sterling.

Apart from being one of the prettiest redheads on the planet, Lindsey Sterling seems like a sweet and kind-hearted gal. She appears to be a devout Mormon, does ballet, plays a mean violin and is quite fit. Most of her music is instrumental, with a few songs here and there having guest vocals. I am going to discuss two of these songs.

Shatter Me

My wife once said something to me that I thought was a complete fluke. We had been enjoying some adult beverage, and I was certain it was the alcohol talking, but it was jarring nonetheless. It wasn’t until I found the red pill and got a better understanding of the nature of women that I realized it wasn’t abnormal, it was just well hidden.

The chorus of the song says “Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me!”. Women want to be broken – shattered, if you will. Now, I’m not talking about totally destroyed, as some women are. Women who are truly battered and abused are deserving of sympathy and help, but it is no secret within manospherian walls that women thrive on drama, and, in particular, drama from their men. This is, of course, with one caveat – that their man put a STOP to the drama. Despite acting devastated, or ‘shattered’ a woman will respect her man when he doesn’t put up with her BS. A man who constantly acquiesces to his woman will lose her respect, and she will up the drama incrementally until either he puts her back into her place or she is so disgusted with him that she leaves.

I remember my own wife, years and years ago, telling me that she didn’t know WHY she longed for me to come home all day, but as soon as I walked through the door she got all snippy and started nagging. At the time I didn’t understand either, but all women will fitness (shit) test their men, whether knowingly or not.  Some women knowingly understand this dynamic, while others don’t, but all women instinctively understand that it feels right. This is why you have stories of strong men taming ‘wild’ women.

Songs like this appeal to women because they want someone to shatter them to make them feel good. They know they do, even if they resist it (resistance makes it more fun and amps the high).

Hold My Heart

“Don’t need a man to hold my hand, just my heart.”

At a point of time where the white population in the West is literally dying out its really sad to see such a cute and seemingly devout Mormon girl uttering the battle cry of feminists everywhere: “I don’t need no man!”.

Yeah, I know, I know, its just a song, right? That’s what my daughter would say as she rolls her eyes. It IS just a song, but its one song in a cacophony of thousands of songs that all scream the same thing: REBEL! In the end, that’s all it is, rebellion. Why would any man want to invest anything more than a single night of fun into a woman who’s piping programming to kick him to the curb into her ears day in and day out? Humans are naturally rebellious and when you add fuel to the fire it does little to help quell the blaze.

Entertain me, romance me, but don’t even try to lead me!

Why are so many women on anti-depressants? Why are so many seemingly crazy and have commitment issues (yes, women)? Because when they start to understand that surrendering to a strong, stable man is good for them the rest of the world throws in the monkey wrench of ‘strong, independent woman’. With surrender in one ear and rebel in the other, is there any wonder that so many women are messed up?

I recall in the early days of my finding the manosphere a number of articles I was directed to. Written by older women, far past their marriageable prime, they were lamentations of opportunities left behind. Opportunities for happiness, for family, for someone to love and care for them. Instead these ladies listened to feminists and a society that told them their worth was in degrees, job positions and dollar signs – traditionally the trappings of men. The message from each lady: Its all a lie.

One woman rebelled and divorced her husband in search of a better deal. She found no such thing. Rather than finding greener grass in another pasture she found tons of men who were willing to spend the night with her, but none who would commit and care for her. Her ex-husband, however, found another wife and lived quite well afterward.

Another woman rebelled and spent her whole life climbing the corporate ladder. Now old and unable to find a husband, she was surrounded by pieces of paper she had earned from college and accolades from her work, but no husband and no children. Having no time for it because she was too busy working, she now had nothing.


Men! Now, since we know that women love drama (because it makes them feel good) and women also love the comfort of having a strong man to care for them how does a guy handle juggling what looks like a mess?

They don’t call it the ‘game’ of love without reason.

It is a balancing act, but a man should know his woman well enough to know when he needs to pour on the smooth Alpha, jerk-boy attitude, and when to draw his woman in close, squeeze her tight and tell her he loves her. It may seem like a lot of work, but its what’s required. Now, every man should know his own woman (wife), and yours might need less Alpha and more comfort or vice-versa. A man should be able to adjust within a certain tolerance level without becoming a complete a-hole or pushover pajama boy.

This post isn’t intended to be an attack on women, but rather multiple warnings FOR women:

  1. If you are conflicted with the messages you are receiving from society, media and maybe even your own family/friends then listen to the message of the bible! Submit yourself to your husband as unto the Lord, in everything. If your not a believer then understand that its built into you to be lead by a strong man. Despite what everyone tells you, letting go of control and allowing your husband to lead IS FREEDOM!
  2. If you find your marriage is a constant battle for dominance the STOP TRYING TO DOMINATE! The majority of men don’t want women who are constantly in battle mode. They expect women to battle them on occasion because women are human and have disagreements and dislikes, but a woman who is always ready to fight at the drop of a hat is tiring and irritating. If he loves you he may not like you if you keep it up!
  3. Cut yourself off from stupid music that is constantly demeaning men and trying to tell women how great and ’empowered’ they are. You can say you just listen to it for the beat, but the words get embedded into your head! Modern country and pop are notorious for pumping out songs about how much better than men women are, or how men who offend their women DESERVE TO DIE OR BE MUTILATED! Heck, even modern rock or metal is better to listen to! Better a song about Norse gods than another “my boyfriend looked at another woman so I poisoned him” song. Or a “you had better treat me like I am worth a million bucks because I know I am” song!

Do yourself a favor, stop torturing yourself. It will make you feel better, and will likely make your husbands feel better too.

Comments? Curses? Threats of bodily harm? Let me know, in the comments below!


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

2 thoughts on “Conflicting Messages: Shatter Me, Hold My Heart”

  1. I fell in love (tongue in cheek) with Lindsey when I first heard her and bought her first album. Her music is fantastic. But, I’ve noticed her recent stuff has really changed. There’s something in her eyes that’s not there any more. I don’t know the details, but I think I recall something about her dad and something else regarding her boyfriend. She acts like someone who made a mistake during a low point in her life and it’s eating at her.

    1. One of her close friends died recently, within the past year, and it seemed like it hit her pretty hard. However, I think what we are seeing is the typical transformation for nearly any person that falls into the movie/music industry. There always seems to be some corruption going on. I mean, you become famous, you have access to people and things that no normal person would have access to. Stuff happens and good people go bad. Heck, that’s nearly the entire story of Rock n’ Roll right there. Lets hope this isn’t the case, but either way she is undoubtedly receiving the same “girl power” training as every other woman in the United States, and she undoubtedly will grab onto it whole heartedly. I have said over and over, EVERY American woman has a feminist streak in her. Not because she chooses to be a feminist, but because that’s how they were raised and its what they know.

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