Week in Review (April 30-May 6th)

Last week, first week with the wife gone on her visit to Oklahoma. Not really all that exciting of a week.

As previously posted I got the sword I was working on done, though I’m not very satisfied with the results, mostly because I just forgot to do certain things until it was too late. For example, the hilt of the sword has four blue crystal diamonds in it, on either side. I had actually obtained some cool looking pool tile I was going to cut up and put in place for said crystals, but I completely forgot until after I was done putting on the clear coat! I also forgot to route the bottom and sides of the hilt and pommel until after I had already applied spray paint! Getting old sucks! Actually, I don’t think I can attribute the issues to getting old so much as I just got frustrated and started moving too quickly on the project. Overall it took me about a month of on/off time to start and complete the weapon, which is just too long for me. Of course, that was for the templates and everything, but still too long. With the templates complete (somewhat) I’m sure I could crank out another one in less than a week, even with drying times on all the liquids.

That brings me to my next big project, the Cronus Lux, a Dark Knight relic weapon also from Final Fantasy 14 (are you starting to see a pattern here?). I’ve actually had to scale this one down a little from a full 72″ to 68″ to fit it on a 9.25″ board. If I didn’t scale it down I would have to edge join another piece of wood to my 9.25″ board or cut down an 11.25″ board, which I do not want to do because 1)There can be issues with the boards not being level after being glued and I don’t have a drum sander or planer to smooth it down and 2)Wider boards are prohibitively more expensive and I don’t have a proper table saw to rip it down to size without the possibility of something going wrong. What can go wrong, you ask? Well I ripped the first board I used for Curtana from 11.25″ down to 9.25″ and somehow my circular saw got pushed off square and I had a nasty, jagged cut that ruined what I thought would be a 2″ wide leftover, which could have been used for another sword. Without a table saw I don’t want to risk it.

Cronus Lux

Otherwise this should be a fairly simple build. The sword is not nearly as complicated as the Curtana and, you can’t see it in the above picture, the sword has glowing runes up and down the body that I will be making with a new tool I bought, a Silhouette cutter. I bought it from someone on Facebook that uses it to make stickers, decals and stencils, and thought it would be a good investment. Using it I will either cut out decals for the runes, stick them on and cover them with clear coat, or make stencils I can use to spray paint them on, then cover them with clear coat. This will help out immensely with future builds and applying paints or details! I will probably post a report on it when I receive it!

Played quite a bit of FF14 last week as well, after I decided to get a move on with the main storyline of the game. It really is a fantastic and deep story, but I haven’t advanced in some time due to the fact that I don’t much like dealing with other people in-game. Weird for an MMO, I know, but there’s always irritating players that complain about what you do or don’t do while playing, and since I main a tank class that means I have to lead the group through dungeon raids and I don’t often feel like having to deal with morons who can’t just play and have fun. That being said I have acquired some great new gear and really like the look of my character.:


I’ll likely spend an inordinate amount of time on FF14 for the next few weeks in preparation for the arrival of the new expansion, Stormblood, in which I will get my Red Mage back!

Had a small yard sale on Saturday that didn’t yield much cash, but did help me get a few things out of my garage that I didn’t need or want anymore. Of course, the cash was all spent by my daughter, who managed to spend 17$ on a bag of flour and a bag of chocolate chips. How she managed that I have no idea. In addition I told my son we would partake of the new Baby Back Rib burger from Carl’s Jr. over the weekend, which we did, and it wasn’t cheap, but man, oh, man was it delicious! My son and I are big CJs fans and typically, on pay days, he will wake up a little early so we can go get a breakfast burger and walk the hardware store. It’s nice to see him up in the early morning (we typically head out around 530 am) and its nice father/son time.

It rained on Saturday night, and lots too, for SoCal. It was nice and it no doubt watered my small collection of vegetables and fruits. This year the only thing we are growing are some strawberries, purple potatoes and tomatoes. I also bought some sweet potatoes, which I haven’t put into the bucket yet, but will this week. I wanted to plant more, but with my wife being gone its up to me to water everything and since I spend most of my day at work I didn’t want to plant too much, particularly with the hot weather just around the corner. In fact just last week it got up into the hundreds for a day, and the upper 80s-90s the rest of the week. This week, however, looks to be rather mild, with temps in the upper 70s and lower 80s. Perfect time to go out and get some field work done for some of our customers.

That’s pretty much it for last week. Nothing spectacular, but nothing horrible either. Until next time!


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2 thoughts on “Week in Review (April 30-May 6th)”

    1. Ugh! You live in one of those spots that doesn’t have a CJs or even a Hardees! I feel for you, bro, I really do. There are few things I look forward to in life, and one of those things is a big ol’ delicious Carl’s Jr. burger at the end of the week!

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