Cowboy Bebop OST3:Blue:Mushroom Hunting

Though I know the term has somewhat sexual and negative connotations, this is a great jazz track from Yoko Kanno and Seatbelts, from what is likely the greatest anime of all times, Cowboy Bebop. Enjoy.


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

4 thoughts on “Cowboy Bebop OST3:Blue:Mushroom Hunting”

    1. I like all manner of music, my friend. My music folder contains Mozart, Vivaldi, Led Zeppelin, Electric Light Orchestra, KJ-52, LeCrae, Cowboy Bebop, Final Fantasy, Enya, Lindsey Sterling, Elvis and more! I’m not a guy to turn down anything that sounds good and is well composed!

      1. Excellent that’s what I love to hear, hey Snap remember the old days when buying an OST disc was practically impossible, and if you were lucky to find it gosh they were expensive, tried to explain it a friend but when you get all your music from iTunes it’s like speaking another language , great post 😊

      2. Woah yeah do I remember. The first OST I ever bought was for FF6, and only because the order slip came in the box with the game. I also had a job, which I never had before. In high school I would look at the OST’s for games/anime in the back of gaming mags and they would run 60-100+ dollars, easily, since they all had to be imported! The young will never know!

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