Whew, what a busy week despite not having much to do! Did some travel for work, which is always interesting, but also spent a lot of time in the office doing squat. We have some programmable controllers that are not acting right and it is preventing our customer from using their control system the way they are supposed to. I have spent far too many hours troubleshooting, changing the program, troubleshooting, changing the program. At this point I think its a firmware issue that is messing up the sending of data from one device to another, and I don’t think its something we can fix.

For the past few weeks I have been working on another wooden sword, a remake of a previous one, the Curtana. I tried some new techniques with this version and so far it has worked out pretty well, though I did make several mistakes ranging from not doing things in the right order to flat out forgetting what I was doing. I spent a lot of time on it last week and I think its coming along pretty well:

better curtana
A more better Curtana!

I still have some work to do on it, but I should wrap it up this week, then proceed onto a requested build, the Cronus, another weapon from Final Fantasy 14, but used by Dark Knights:

Cronus, a Dark Knight weapon.

This bad boy will be nearly six feet in length. I was going to go a full six feet, but to avoid having to edge join boards together I had to scale it down to make it fit on a single 9.25″ board. Also, the girl who asked me to make it isn’t quite tall enough for the thing to be six feet, so slightly shorter is more to her scale. It shouldn’t take nearly as long to build as it has taken me for the Curtana because there aren’t so many little parts.

I WILL be making another Curtana, though, but I think I’m going to start documenting my steps and, when I make another one, I will just go down the checklist to make sure I don’t forget anything!

I got to pay off a few of my medical bills last week as well! Fortunately, since we didn’t have insurance and I’m paying cash, I was able to get some pretty good discounts, so I was actually able to save a little cash! I still have to deal with the big hospital bill, though, but I am working on that.

Because of the money I saved I made an investment into a Silhouette, a cool little printer type device that, instead of printing on paper, has a blade that cuts paper and vinyl. The guy I bought it from makes a lot of really great stuff related to Final Fantasy, and I could use it not only for applying decals to my swords, but for some other great things as well. I’m not sure how to use it to it’s full capacity yet, but he also makes logos for shirts with it, as well as etching glasses. Looking forward to it!

Not sure why, but my boss (who is also my dad) decided to cut me a little bonus check last week, for which I was very grateful for. Because I didn’t have any other medical bills to deal with I bought some much needed yard tools, since the yard has been looking pretty bad lately.  Since I am getting tired of running out of gas and oil and since I already picked up one of their mowers I decided to pick up the Ryobi 40 volt attachment ready string trimmer, and the yard blower attachment:

Ryobi 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Attachment Capable String Trimmer
Ryobi Expand-It 140 MPH 475 CFM Universal Axial Blower Attachment
The blower looks like a Mega Man arm cannon! To me that’s nothing but bonus! Other than being a little heavy on the back end because of the huge 40v battery the thing is great! Tons of power and doing my whole front yard only took up 25% of the battery. Since the mower uses the same battery, and mowing the front and back yards only take 50% of the battery, I can get the whole property done with a single battery! The blower isn’t really any quieter than the gas powered blower, but now I can sell the gas blower and not have to worry about someone borrowing my gas can again or having gas but no two stroke engine oil.

Last Friday I drove my wife to LAX (a harrowing experience, if your familiar with L.A. freeways) and off she flew to Oklahoma City to visit her mother. My daughter actually just got back from her visit on Thursday. The wife will be gone for the next four weeks, possibly six. The original plan was for four weeks, but since my son wants to ride with me back to OK to pick her up, and we want to make it a few days trip, she may have to wait until he gets out of school for summer, which would be six weeks away. Otherwise he can still ride with me, but we have to make it a short trip.

While she’s away I intend to get some house projects done (painting, etc.) make a couple more swords and put together some garage shelving, as well as a B.U.F.F. Dudes power rack. If your not familiar with the guys of B.U.F.F. Dudes check them out on YouTube (just search ‘buff dudes’, you don’t have to spell it out with all the punctuation like I just did). They have a lot of good info on weight lifting and keeping in shape, which is another something I will be doing while the wife is away. I’m hoping to drop a few pounds and build some good workout habits that I can maintain when she gets back. It’s been difficult to try and build those habits while she is home, but now I can concentrate a little better on it.

Well that’s it for now! Until next week!