Week in Review I (April 9-15)

My first in what could be a thing, a review of what went on last week in my life that will hopefully spawn some discussion and chat. It’s certainly not going to be Pulitzer prize winning fare, but I like hearing from and responding to visitors, so I’m hoping for, at minimum, some of that.

It’s been an interesting time for my family. As you already know my oldest son joined the Marines late last year and has gone from boot camp down in San Diego to further training and Camp Pendleton to Florida and now to North Carolina. He is still planning on getting married this summer and I have tried repeatedly to get him to read some red pill stuff, but I think he might be either too busy or just not care to read it. I’m hoping to talk to him before he goes through with it, though. I’m not discouraging him from doing it, I just want him to have the information I didn’t have before I got married. He’s a bit of an alpha type personality, which gives him an advantage, but I want him to maintain that as he gets older. No doubt it won’t be too difficult while he is serving, but afterward it will get tougher, I’m sure.

My wife’s valley fever is back. If your not familiar with it, valley fever is specific to the Kern valley and consists of mold spores in the ground getting into your body (typically through dust storms, etc.) and settling somewhere. It’s not too bad for her, as it really just makes her very tired until she starts her meds, but for some people it can be very debilitating. A certain person we do work with at a local utility has it and he has been down for maybe four months after the last flare up. I think it has to do with WHERE the spores settle in the body. We are hoping to nip this flare up in the bud before it gets too bad, but right now is not the time to be hit with a few hundred dollars in drug prescriptions.

The fallout from my hospital visit continues as bills continue to roll in. None of them, except the main hospital bill, has been too bad, but when it rains oh man does it pour. Not only do I have the medical bills but I also found out that the concierge medical care, which I thought qualified for the Obamacare mandate, does not unless it was paired with some additional insurance, which has left me stuck with paying the uninsured penalty on my taxes this year. Add another couple thousand dollars on the stack.

To add to all the chaos my place of employment, which has relied deeply on the oil and gas industry (we do automation, specifically for oil and gas) has severely suffered from people not paying us and as of last week I received a partial paycheck, in hopes that additional funds will be available this week. It’s not a huge problem, but could turn into one if we don’t start to see an uptick in work. We are a small company consisting of only five employees, only three of which actually pull in income. When people don’t pay us on time it hurts and we have little recourse against them other than to call and complain. You may remember that the business is owned by my father, who happens to be a good businessman, but is suffering the same issue a lot of smaller companies are suffering in California – increased regulation and taxes and a drop in work due to a drop in oil prices.

Despite all this my wife is still scheduled to go visit her mother at the end of this month, as she needs help due to her medical conditions and lack of other family members that care. She has a whole messy situation to deal with over there in addition to the possible return of her cancer. My daughter is with her right now, helping where she can, but she will be back here in California soon to get back to her job and all that. That will leave me with a lot of time next month in which I had hoped to build some cabinets and stuff around the house in addition to some new swords, but that likely will not be happening now, given the lack of funds.

I have considered starting a Patreon account to see if I could get people to fund my wood working addiction while at the same time offering the chance to win some of my creations, but I haven’t decided on it yet. I guess it couldn’t really hurt, I mean, worst case scenario I get nothing and I lose nothing but the time invested into making the page. Best case scenario I get a few bucks here and there to keep building and I get to spread the joy of wooden weapons to other people (they still have to pay shipping, though!)

There was an attempt, last weekend, to create a more detailed Curtana sword, but it was a severe mess! While working on it I snapped one of the arms off the hilt, but was able to glue it back on. Then while routing the template the OTHER arm snapped off and there was no recovery possible. Wasted! I also attempted to route out a template for some of the blade decoration and that was a disaster! They don’t sell 1/4″ lumber in widths greater than 7.25″ and I needed 9.25″, so I turned to plywood as a possible alternative. Nope, no good. Chunks and pieces blew out all over and made the template useless! I had to edge glue two smaller widths together to get what I needed, which worked well, but by that time I had blown up the main body of the sword, so it was all for naught. I may just bite the bullet and go buy another board, as I have this burning desire to finish the project that has been gnawing at me for the past couple of days.

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I have been trying to schedule my week out better, with Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays being the days I lay off gaming (though I may still do computer work) and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays being the days I game and stream. Saturday is all about chilling out, getting a little gardening done and any of the more time consuming wood working.

That’s all I feel like typing for now. How is everyone else doing out there? What are you all up to? Let me know in the comments! Prayers, as always, are appreciated for the family and financial situation, and I will pray for you as well!


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3 thoughts on “Week in Review I (April 9-15)”

  1. Hope everything works out for you, I wouldn’t worry too much about the swords not working out as they can be chalked up to a learning experience if nothing else, yes one that costs but sometimes that is the only way to find these things out. My friend is trying to make foam armour at the moment, having never done anything similar, and he is finding that a lot of his first pack is going to “waste” on try outs and practice runs.
    Forgive my ignorance but if your wife is off to see her Mum for a bit would that not help with the spores as she won’t be around them and thus able to clear her system?

    1. It will help some, but apparently my wife is one of those people that can get it more than once. Her family history has a lot of medical issues, so I’m not surprised. The only real way to completely avoid it is to move to another area. The meds will help, but until she is done with them she will be lethargic and have flu like symptoms.

  2. Rough week, for certain — sorry to hear it. I was out of work for 3 months from October to January, and we’re still a little sore from recent ‘patience lessons’ too.

    Hope things turn up for you soon!

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