So I was messing around with the sci-fi suite/armor update for Sonja and I wasn’t really sure where to go with the colors. The default colors are all over the place ranging from black to white to two-tone, but none of them really seemed to fit what I was looking for.  Here are a few examples of the default texture maps, after a quick render:


I didn’t really care much for them because the suit is an extension of Slash. You see, in the game she wears a suit of magickally enhanced trillancium steel, a special steel made from ore found in space that has a high affinity for absorbing mana, the force that drives magick. Slash has been able to infuse part of his essence with the suit, which is nearly indestructible, as, when it has been magickally enhanced acts almost like mercury, and allows most attacks to pass right through it!

Then I tweaked out the colors on my own a little:

new armor test Slash
BAM! Slash colors!

Oh my goodness! This color ended up being PERFECT! It matches the deep purple color of Slash and still retains the details of the suits fibers! It works well with both Sonja Black and Red and once I add all the Slash gear it will be that much better! Of course, I can always change the colors even more if I wanted, which I might, particularly for Sonja Red, who’s flashy personality may be reflected in her suit color as she fights.

What do you think?