Twitch, Beam and Facebook – I’ve gone live.

So in the past two weeks I have done a life Facebook feed while working on my latest sword build, opened a Twitch account so I can stream FF15 when I play on Sunday’s and take advantage of the newest addition to the Windows 10 Creators update, Beam integration.

If anyone is interested you can catch my FB feeds via the link to my Facebook page on the sidebar, Fantasy Arms by Paul.jr. Watch in wonder as I try to avoid cutting off my fingers while routing, sanding and cutting swords and other various weapons out of wood! Streaming won’t happen too often, but it will happen, hopefully more as I start to expand my woodworking knowledge and ability, thanks to a local fabrication shop.

Experience some of the wonder of Final Fantasy 15 as I continue my play through on Sunday’s, which I will be streaming to my Twitch account, which I am also adding to the sidebar links. See why I think FF15 is a great achievement both technically and story-wise. In addition I may do some woodworking streaming here, as someone recommended I get involved with the creative community there.

Lastly, but not least…ly (I guess), see why Final Fantasy 14 is probably the most incredible MMO on the planet, and catch some of why Dissidia is my most favorite fighting game ever on my Beam channel, also on the sidebar. I will occasionally be streaming both of these games to Beam, but will also be streaming other SE games from time to time via my emulators. Catch some of the best games you may have never heard of like Einhander, Parasite Even, Brave Fencer Musashi and more!

If you have any suggestions or complaints, let me know, as I am new to all this streaming stuff. I don’t know what I will get out of it other than possibly some gaming and woodworking discussion, which I love anyway. Enjoy!

Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

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