So for many years Sonja has worn TechNinja armor as her base texture. To rehash, Sonja is a 3d object consisting of a wireframe built out of polygons. Without a texture she would just look like a plastic figure. A texture map adds her skin tone, details and armor to her body. The TechNinja set looks great, but since I have upgraded the model used for Sonja I started thinking that her armor probably needs an upgrade as well.

(this image is of Sonja wearing her TechNinja armor set)

Sonjas Together

Now, Sonja actually has a light and heavy armor set, both of which can be summoned on demand. Her heavy armor set is comprised of a great prop by Powerage called Liquid Switch and I will post a picture of her wearing it shortly. The TechNinja set has been her light armor set, but with the new Iray render engine in DAZ Studio I decided to find her something that would take advantage of it and found this Sci-Fi Bodysuit:


Sonja Black New Armor
Armor upgrade +2!

If you click on the image for the full sized version you can see the great amount of detail that has gone into this suit! It needs some customized modification for color, but other than that it looks great! I’m working on not only remaking the Slash bangle, but all of the other “Slash Gear” Sonja wears, from a choker to a belt to earrings, the whole set grants her extremely boosted physical, magickal and psychic abilities.

More to come as items and upgrades are completed!


Sonja Black New Armor 2
Another quick, bigger render.