Kind of bored this morning working on database and interface stuff, as well as waiting for some images to render out (more on that later), but I feel like typing so here I go.

What’s up in SnapperTrx’s world lately, you may ask. He seems like an interesting fellow, perhaps I should learn more about him, ask him how his day is, etc.

Or maybe your just bored and looking for something to read. I duuno.

  1. The whole ‘selling wooden swords’ thing isn’t really working out, but I don’t want to give up making them or getting them to some of the kids in the neighborhood. Parents just don’t like the idea of buying their young boys a wooden sword, and since the local anime convention in town banned anything not made of foam and PVC I can’t sell to cosplayers either. I had a few swords left over from Christmas, must small ones, and have taken to dropping them off in nearby parks, in hopes that some young boy will find it and take it. I try to leave a note specifically instruction them to do so if they find it (a simple ‘take me’ should suffice). Unfortunately this leaves me with the problem of making things without recompense, and wood for something decent that will last (which is what my goal was to create) isn’t very cheap. I am thinking of starting a Patreon or maybe becoming an Amazon Affiliate to get some extra cash for wood and tools, at least until I have the tools needed to make some furniture type items, which I’m sure I can sell at the local craft fair/farmers market on a steady basis. My real desire, though, is to continue to make swords, spears and keyblades for adventurous young boys to swing around with reckless abandon. What do you think?
  2. While on the topic of wooden swords, I recently built a template for the Curtana sword I had put together last year (Forming Curtana), well, I say ‘recently’ but apparently that was four months ago! Either way, while holding the template the other day I felt as though it was too narrow and didn’t really reflect the size and heft the in-game weapon had. I mean, in-game the weapon seems huge, and I don’t think I wanted to make it impossible to swing around, but I do want it to retain some of that ‘I came from a game and am loosely based on the idea that legendary weapons are huge, yet can be swung round with east’ type of feel. That being said I have reprinted and will attempt to recreate the template in a slightly wider format. At the moment I have having a bit of trouble with my templates because I am forced to make them out of MDF, and the method I am using tends to tear up the surface. Good, 1/2″ plywood that doesn’t have massive gaps in it runs about 50$ for a 4’x3′ sheet, and I haven’t had the cash to go buy one yet, but perhaps soon. Maybe before I start this new project. I would also like to make a new Curtana sword with 1/2″ wood rather than 3/4″, since the 3/4″ tends to be extremely thick and double so if you start to layer it! Or maybe I will do a 3/4″ core with 1/2″ and 1/4″ layers.
  3. My mother in law had previously been diagnosed with lung cancer and it may be that it has returned. She is going in for some testing and prayers would be much appreciated. That being said, if this is the case then my wife will likely head back East to help her out with chemotherapy and all that. My MIL has a host of other medical issues that go back all the way to when I first met my wife in high school, and something like this will be extremely taxing on her body. The rest of the family member’s don’t seem willing to help, though they all live either on the same street or in the same state, but this is nothing new to us. My daughter will be flying back there in a couple of weeks to start the process, since her job has currently put her on hold.
  4. Work has been fairly slow, with us having to tend to a project that is taking way too long and involves way too much effort. Though my goal is to make sure our customer has an end product that suits their needs and is easy for them to use, I would be lying if I didn’t say that a huge part of this mess could have been avoided if they had taken our suggestion to go with another interface software. Ignition, by Inductive Automation is a newer, faster software built on new technology that has proven time and time again to be a superior product to one older, dinosaur that won’t seem to go away, yet has been around for so long that no one wants to try the ‘newer kid on the block’. So I can save you about $120,000 on a project just by switching software, and I can save you about $10,000 a year in support costs, but hey, its your money, not mine. Here’s to hoping that future customers will listen to us, the experts they call in to spec a job, and go with something that is proven superior and more cost effective. Not to mention the headaches it saves me as the developer!
  5. Is it just me or is WordPress getting worse and worse? I am having so much trouble editing this post it’s driving me batty. I cant add a proper link and any time I press ‘ENTER’ to start a new number entry it goes back to the top of the page. I have to manually arrow all the way down to the end of the last paragraph in order for it to work the way it should.
  6. Still playing FF15 on the weekends. Unfortunately my son owns the PS4 (it was his Xmas present) and I only really have access to it on Sundays, which I have spent the last two playing, all day. It’s an enjoyable experience so far, and you can read about my thoughts on it in a previous post.
  7. Speaking of Final Fantasy, I just got my Excalibur sword and Aegis shield in Final Fantasy 14, not an easy task, for sure, but one I am happy to say I have completed! It’s a fun game, made all the more fun when I can get my friends online at the same time. Doesn’t happen very often, though, as we all have lives to live, but enjoyable when we can work it out.
    So happy to have my Zodiac weapons! Excalibur and Aegis!


  8. Well, that’s about it for me for now. Not a whole lot going on. I will continue on with my Women in the Bible posts when I get time to write up section 1.2, and am hoping to have some serious and honest discussion on it, but it seems that people aren’t keen to talk about it. I don’t blame you, it seems like a difficult thing to discuss, but all I really mean to do is put it out there so you, the reader, can pick up the bible and research it yourself.

Until next time. Have a great day!