Belief vs. Scripture

A while back, when I was going through the issues with my pastor, I had a conversation with my daughter about her, my youngest son and myself doing an at home bible study, to which she informed me she didn’t want to take part in because she “didn’t believe what I believed about the bible”. Now, the more and more I think about this the more and more irritated I become. I think some Christians need to make a determination about what people “believe” and what the bible actually says.

Case in point: The bible says Jesus is the son of God. If you are a Christian there is no “what you believe” or “what I believe” about the statement. If you believe the bible, then you believe this to be true. You cannot say to another Christian, “Yeah, well, I don’t really believe that way”, unless by that statement you mean, “I am not a Christian and I don’t believe in the bible”.

Though the bible is open to some interpretation in areas where poetic language is used for the most part it is very straight forward and “interpreting” it simply opens up the door to be rebellious and disobedient. I could very easily say, and with 100% accuracy, that the bible says murder is a sin, yet there are those who would “interpret” the verses making it so as to mean something different than the actual meaning, which really doesn’t clarify the verses, like they may believe they are doing, but rather it pokes a hole in the verse where there is none, allowing them to ignore it while not giving the appearance of ignoring it.

I think this problem stems from Christians who don’t really know their bibles so they don’t believe it says what they are told.  I mean, I know there are few people who can remember EVERY verse of EVERY book of the bible, but when someone tells you “I believe this because this is what the bible says” perhaps it would be wiser to actually take a look at what it says before declaring your non-belief.

I mean, the only other explanation is that a person simply wants to have the appearance of being an obedient follower of Christ, but in reality has no interest in being obedient. By doing this they give themselves the appearance of being so, but also give themselves an escape route, just in case.

Don’t be that kind of Christian. Though it may fool those around you, your ruse is not very effective on the one who can see the heart, and knows your every thought. When a verse is clear, it would be wise to take its meaning as such.


Author: SnapperTrx

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3 thoughts on “Belief vs. Scripture”

    1. Thanks, but it’s not really a post meant to complain about my daughter so much as it is a post to indicate that a lot of Christians seem to do this and it’s dangerous. It’s one thing to say “I don’t really know if there is going to be a ‘rapture’ the way it is described in the churches, but I believe there will be, though others do not”. It’s a whole other ballgame to say “Well I you believe that God flooded the whole earth and put two of every animal into an ark and I just don’t believe that way”. The bible clearly states that it happened, and the language is not poetic or figurative – it happened! Yet there are those who will take these literal stories and statements and say they refute them because they “don’t believe the way you do”. It’s like Greg Laurie said in one of his podcasts I listened to the other day about the poor man, Lazarus, and the rich man who both died. The rich man went to hell while Lazarus went to Abrahams bosom. “This is a real account”, he said. “This happened. These are two real people that Jesus is talking about.”, and I believe him! Jesus was telling a story from experience – a true story, not a parable.

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