Happy 20th, FF7!

Twenty years ago I sat down to my PS1 and loaded up what has undoubtedly been one of the most iconic games in all of gaming history. With a massive storyline, huge world, state of the art 3d graphics, and a certain cut-scene that shocked millions, Final Fantasy 7 and it’s characters are instantly recognized the world over.014

In related news, the youngster Kingdom Hearts pays tribute! Awesome!:


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6 thoughts on “Happy 20th, FF7!”

    1. If I had to rank Final Fantasy games in my top 5 it would look like this:

      1. Final Fantasy 6
      2. Final Fantasy Tactics
      3. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
      4. Final Fantasy 4
      5. Final Fantasy 7

      The reason why 7 scores last on my list is, though it did much to bring J RPG’s to the West the story was kind of confusing and, personally, I didn’t much care for the materia system. I thought it was cool, but it eliminated the uniqueness of some of the characters. I mean, pretty much any character could do anything, and all you needed to do was build up your materia.

      FF6 will always be my most favorite game in the series. It had everything one could ask for. A great storyline, multiple characters with fairly fleshed out back stories, humor, anger, madness and world destruction. I don’t think they could ever top it.

      1. Yes!!! My goodness was FF7 confusing some swear by it but it took quite a lot explain the whole story that was presented, I do agree FF6 was a masterpiece all its own Square was unstoppable at that time

      2. Yeah, the story….wow. Try doing a search on ‘The Strife Manifesto’. It was many years after I played FF7 that I found this document and it does a great job of explaining they story and why Cloud is not the self-hating sad sap everyone thinks he is. Totally changed my comprehension of the story around, but didn’t fix it’s oddball delivery.

      3. I must ask about the camera angles, I could deal with the graphics it was a console generation and it was the norm at the time, but that camera was truly unforgivable at times, great recommendation I will most definitely give it a look

      4. “but that camera was truly unforgiveable at times”

        Yeah, probably because a) the pre-rendered backgrounds forced you to view them from a specific angle for them to work, and b) all game developers have suffered from bad cameras at some point, it’s just a thing.

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