3D can be an expensive and storage eating venture if your not into making your own stuff. Purchasing pre-made 3D items from stores such as DAZ3D or Renderosity can quickly add up, as items range in price from 5-100+ dollars. Even worse, though, is the amount of hard drive space this stuff actually takes up, while having little to no way of really tracking what you have and the different locations it all gets installed into.

I had a good build up of content, but it was very unorganized, with broken links to objects and missing files that weren’t really missing, but the internal links to files were wrong or they weren’t copied from their zip folders juuuuuust right. I thought I would try to fix it all by backing up the content folder and the reinstalling everything in an orderly fashion.

It didn’t work. My content folder is a whopping 256 GB of 3D data and texture files.

I reinstalled everything I had, meticulously, and now some of the DT models (Sonja, Snapper, etc.) don’t load up correctly. I can restore the old backup, but it is such a mess it really bothers me.

Were I a programmer I would maybe work toward creating a single, unified archive that would hold all the data and be read only when you loaded it, as well as be somewhat simple to add to, in case you wanted to create custom textures and all that, but I am not THAT good of a programmer.

What an irritating mess. Blarg.