Worshiping Women – The infection grows.

I enjoy listening to Air1 radio, even though much of the music is not really ‘praise’ music so much as it is music with a good message that involves God. Lately, however, I have been noticing more and more that artists are writing women worship music. It came on particularly strong when the band For King and Country dropped their song Priceless, in which they extoll the perfection of women (“I see you dressed in white, everyone wrong made right”) while, of course, delivering the message that women should never listen to anything negative.

Since then I have heard a number of songs while, mixed in with references to Jesus and God, also mix in references to things like “don’t listen when people say you aren’t thin enough or pretty enough”, etc. In between songs they sometimes play little blurbs by some of the artists about the reasons behind some of their songs and this morning I heard one in particular, I forget who it was, who recalled a story in which he was around some other fathers and they “got to talking about the messages our daughters were going to hear as they grew up. Your not smart enough, your not pretty enough, your not skinny enough – and I knew I had to write a song addressing this”. Now, I have a daughter, and my friends and families have many daughters and I can tell you, with full confidence, that never, ever, ever in all my years as a father has anything like this ever been discussed by any of us fathers. Ever.

This, my friends, is what some call ‘virtue signaling’. It’s also what you call ‘marketing’, and it makes me feel angry.

God’s purpose is not to make women feel better about themselves. Indeed its not to make ANY of us feel better about ourselves, but to realize that we are in need of a savior, and one was provided through his son, Jesus, who died a death we deserved that we may live. Of course, you may not know that if you didn’t already, and you listened to Air1. At least when I listen to Led Zeppelin, The Sword, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, AC/DC and the like I know exactly what I am in for. Not so, apparently, with modern Christian music.

It’s sad, really, as I cannot seem to find any really, modern worship music! I thought I had found something great when I first started listening to Gungor, but later, after reading his blog I found that he was denying the account of the flood, and later was ranting that “being pro-choice doesn’t mean you are pro abortion”, and I dropped him. I had enjoyed Lecrae until he started posting relentlessly on his Facebook about racism and how blacks are treated poorly in America (really??).

I don’t expect artists to be perfect, but if your going to call yourself a Christian artist, at least make sure you are rooted in Christ first.


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