Today we will be looking at a few of the less well known characters of the Final Fantasy series. Now, when I say ‘less well known’ I mean those characters that may be near and dear to our hearts as players, but they aren’t characters that get the spotlight that certain other ‘main characters’ do. The ‘supporting cast’ so to speak, but they are none the less just as important.

If you have never played these games then proceed with caution – spoilers abound.

Cyan Garamonde (FFVI)

One of my personal favorites, Cyan (originally Cayenne in Japan) was retainer to the king of the land of Doma and would be classified as the ‘Samurai’ job class. His wife and son died when Kefka poisoned the water supply of the castle, killing everyone within, and he joins the party with crippling guilt. An older gentleman and a cool headed warrior, he is a little stiff in the personality department, but is always kind and well mannered towards others. He gets embarrassed easily and is not very good with machines.

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Utilizing powerful Bushido techniques, his mastery of the sword makes him extremely lethal. When in desperation he can use the attack Tsubame Gaeshi.

If there was one character out of all the Final Fantasy games who has inspired me to be a gentle warrior it has been Cyan.


Faris Scherwiz (FFV)

Captaining a pirate ship hauled through the seas by a water dragon named Syldra (the wind having stopped), Faris isn’t exactly who she appears to be. In reality she is the daughter of the king of Tycoon, but was lost at sea as a child. Found and raised by pirates she hides the fact that she is a woman, but eventually the truth comes out! Her real name is Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon and she originally joins Bartz and company for selfish reasons. At first she comes of as cold and defensive, but eventually warms up to the party and fights to save the world!

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Like the other party members, Faris can change job classes to acquire new skills and abilities.


Gilgamesh (FFV + FF Series)

Gilgamesh is an….interesting character. Yeah, lets say that. Originally introduced in Final Fantasy V, he appears as Exdeath’s right hand man but rather than being on board with his masters evil intent, Gilgamesh seems to long for being tested in battle. Unfortunately by the end of the game he has been eternally banished to The Void, with no hope for return – except that he does return, just not in FFV.

Since his introduction Gilgamesh has become somewhat of a running gag in newer, and older, FF games, having been snuck into the latest versions of the older titles. Often seeking weapons of great power he will pop up (sometimes with his trusty friend, Enkidu) and harass the party while trying to prove his mettle (typically involving bad one-liners), only to be summarily beaten down. One of the reasons for his constant failure seems to be his acquisition of the famed sword Excalipoor, a replica of the famed sword Excalibur that does minimal damage. However, this doesn’t make him a push-over! His true form gives him eight arms, with which he holds many different weapons and can deliver devastating attacks. In Dissidia he randomly attacks with up to 8 different weapons, each with different effects!

  1. Excalibur: Does 2x damage!
  2. Excalipoor: Does 1 point, always.
  3. Chicken knife: Does more damage the less HP you have.
  4. Genji blade: Drains EX gauge on hit.
  5. Masamune: Generates more EX force on hit.
  6. Naginata: No special effect, but great range.
  7. Axe: No special effect, but does good damage.
  8. Zantetsuken: Can cause instant Break on a hit.

And these are just a few of the weapons he has held, which also include Cloud’s Buster Sword, Squall’s gunblade, claws, clubs, guns – you name it, he has probably had one.

Always a delight to see, I, personally, am looking forward to his future incarnations (FFXV would be an interesting addition)!


That’s all for this week. I know my FF Fridays have been few and far between lately, but that’s how it goes during the holidays! I should have a few more Fridays lined up if your interested!