Got a little bored the other day and decided to make some renders of some of my DT characters. Sorely lacking are renders of Lilith, antagonist to Sonja.

Lilith is a succubus, demons created in the underworld where the heart of the great demon Abraxas sat, leaking dark energy for thousands of years. Their current queen, she was able to seduce the dark lord, Dageus, and become his concubine, but, like any of the succubi, she seeks his ‘companionship’ only to further her own ends. Her eternal lust for power had until recently been somewhat slaked until the arrival of Snapper, who has bested Dageus on several occasions and in quite humiliating ways. Unfortunately for Lilith, however, Snapper seems quite happy with Sonja, and the latter is quite protective of him. Were it not for her two separate physical forms Sonja would prove an enemy with power equal to Lilith’s own, but doubled up she has proven to be a great problem.

Currently Lilith is the queen of the succubi, but she has seven sisters that are vying for her position, a common occurrence amongst their kind, but a competition which often leads to dead siblings. At the moment, however, they seem content to act in her stead while she tries to garner a new man.

Being a succubus, a demon who feeds on power and sex, she can change her appearance at will.


These models are based on DAZ3d’s Victoria 4. If your interested in getting started on simple and fast 3d artwork, visit their page and download DAZStudio. It’s free, comes with a treasure trove of beginner content and can help you make stuff like Lilith in no time flat! Also, don’t forget to check out the Destructive Tendencies RPG link at the top of the blog every so often to see if I have added any more information on the game! Enjoy!