Christmas memories

So Ame over at Blending Ame has made a post about her and her daughters decorating their Christmas tree and I thought I would toss in my two cents.

Years ago, when my kids were young, the wife and I sat down with some clear glass ornaments and some tempra paint and made some pretty cool colored ornaments from them. They have been part of our Christmas decorations for many years (probably 8-10) and the kids always make remarks about how cool they are and how they remember making them. They are some of the simplest things you could possibly make and last for a long time, provided no one drops them. I am fully convinced that our kids will make some with their kids simply because they are such a strong memory. Here are a few I snapped some pictures of today during lunch. The wife painted some designs on the outside of some of them, and some of the darker colored ones I couldn’t reach because SOMEONE had put them on the back of the tree! (seriously, who does that?)


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One thought on “Christmas memories”

  1. “because SOMEONE had put them on the back of the tree! (seriously, who does that?)”


    – – –

    seriously, though … this is awesome. i love how holidays give us sweet memories, esp for our children.

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