A long weekend…

This last weekend was a long, but good one. As of Friday my oldest son has completed boot camp and is now, officially, a U.S. Marine. Friday I stood as over 500 brave, strong young men became brave, strong Marines and it was fantastic! Though I was greatly moved by my sons graduation I was just as moved as I also got to witness twelve individuals become naturalized as U.S. citizens after their completion of basic training.

After three months apart, its nice to have my son back in the house for a few weeks until he continues on to combat and job training. After that its a three year job assignment.

My oldest boy is a boy no longer.


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17 thoughts on “A long weekend…”

      1. Ha, ha! It was hilarious! I really though I was going to have to physically restrain her from running out on to the parade deck, a big no-no from what we were told. Still, she succeeded in holding herself in check until we were told to go get him. It was cute.

    1. Yep, Pendleton. He’s pretty motivated, but I need to make sure he sticks with his daily workouts and stuff so he keeps that motivation going. Of course, it doesn’t much matter now, he’s government property! I don’t think we will have a problem, though. Thanks!

      1. Yeah, the next couple of phases of training are motivation sucks. SOI and whatever MOS school… it’s easy to lose motivation at those places.

  1. An interesting thing:

    My dad couldn’t make it to the graduation so my mom arrived by train along with my nephew. He is 10 or 11 years old, but by the end of the ceremony he was bawling worse than any of the rest of us! He said that his cousin (my son) looked “too grown up”. I think that even a young boy such as he, deep down inside, knows what honor, respect, hard work and achievement looks like, and I think he was moved by the sight of 500+ young men in uniform achieving something out of the ordinary and incredible. He has no idea what my son and those other men went through to wear the title of Marine, but something just emanates from them that is woven into every man, even the little ones.

  2. Hadn’t been by your blog in a while…. and my very first thought was “Wait… this is the man that complained about the pics on my blog?” And who is Sonja?

    And I just know that a certain *someone* is going to say I had a bad influence on you.

    Anyway, re: your son joining the cult of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. He is now in the business of killing people and breaking things in the most efficient way possible. This is my “I wish someone had handed me these books back then” list:

    Professional Education:
    “On Killing” by Dave Grossman.
    “Fry The Brain” by John West.
    “The 4th Generation Warfare Handbook” by William Lind
    “The Transformation of War” by Martin Van Creveld
    “The Book of Five Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi
    “The Art of War”‘ by Sun Tsu
    “A Soldier’s Load” by SLA Marshall

    Women, Game
    “The Rational Male” by Rollo Tomassi.
    “Married Man Sex Life Primer” by Athol Kay.

    Life, Politics,
    “SJW’s Always Lie” by Vox Day
    “Cuckservative” by Vox Day and John Red Eagle.

    Education, Success
    “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto.
    “Bachelor Pad Economics” by Aaron Clarey
    “Brain Hacks” by James Lee
    “Smart Drug Dictionary” by Donovan Roebuck

    The trick is getting these books in print, but that’s what’s needed. It’s easy to throw a book in your pack and there is *always* downtime. That’s the nature of hurry up and wait.

    He’s home on leave so right now is your chance to take some steps to help both of you see that your relationship has changed. Take him out and buy him a beer. Treat him like an adult. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Don’t bring the wife. In fact, don’t bother telling her about it.

    If he’s intelligent and can think, the books listed above will all be very helpful. If he’s as stupid as I was back when I got out of boot camp, the books will still be good to have around because boredom is an amazing motivator. If he carries the book it will get read. After he reads it he’ll think about it. It will eventually bubble to the surface sooner or later. Officers take notice when they see the young ones reading serious stuff. They ask questions. Being able to offer an intelligent and articulate reply sets one apart.

    The #1 thing he can do to advance in the Marines quickly and effectively is follow the basic steps taught in the manosphere. Hit the gym and gain muscle. SARM’s, not steroids. Join a dojo and learn how to fight. Learn how to box. Get punched in the face on a regular basis. Learn game. When you boil it all down, game is learned charisma. Goals for a young boot should be:

    300 PFT, solid muscular frame, confidence from knowing how to fight.
    High expert with rifle, minimum score of 240.
    High proficiency in his MOS. Learn everything. Read constantly.
    Rock Solid Game. Other men admire a man who is successful with women.

    If his MOS is infantry, getting into a designated marksman slot is a good start. Getting a slot to attend sniper school and graduating is the ticket. Forget all about the Chris Kyle crap, we’re talking about avoiding all the meaningless games that get played in line companies. Other than that, there’s competitive shooting. No matter what his MOS is, getting picked up as a competitive shooter means he gets transferred to the MTU and all he does is shoot matches and teach/coach at the ranges. Life does not get much better than that. Lots of travel and per diem going to the various matches.

    If he’s at all interested in going that direction, the video series “The Art of the Precision Rifle” (Magpul Dynamics) is incredible. I would pay money to get instruction from Tod Hodnett and he’s probably the only one. That video series is worth watching over and over again, especially for someone that’s just starting out.

    If he wanted to go that route he has to shoot as often as possible so he needs a rifle that’s set up for match shooting. Pendleton has ranges that are open on the weekends for shooting and he should be there every chance he gets and get to know the people. All Marines qualify with the rifle every year and his goal should be to max out the KD range. A really high score can get his foot in the door to a shooting slot, everything else (physical presence, confidence, game) helps with that. Everyone likes a winner.

    And if he’s got the chops, he’ll make it to Camp Perry.

    1. Ha, ha! I don’t remember ever saying anything about the pictures on your blog, though I may have questioned the as being an odd, but delectable choice. If you really want to know who Sonja is you can scope out the link at the top of the page marked ‘Destructive Tendencies RPG’ sub-page ‘DT – Character Bios’.

      I have heard of many of the books on your list and I will recommend every one of them and buy a few while he is here. He is on extended leave so he wont go back for a month (which the wife loves).

      Can’t buy him a beer, he is only 18! I guess I could bring something home, but I am not much of a beer drinker myself and I don’t think he is either. I am processing that our relationship is different. He just turned 18 and, though he remains my son, he is no longer the boy that I could instruct to do this or that. He is his own man now and, though he has to obey the rules of my house, he is free to do as he pleases, according to the law of the land. Fortunately I have been slowly feeding him manospherian wisdom from the bible for some time now. He is a natural alpha, so he seems to get most of what I am saying, but I think he falls into the same category my father and my previous pastor fall into – they don’t understand the point because to them, red pill stuff is just what they do. Its who they are, they don’t see it as any kind of knowledge that must be learned. However, the nature of women IS something that must be learned, even by natural alphas, as I have witnessed both in my father and my pastor, who are oblivious to the fact.

      I think he is going to be in some type of aircraft support job. He was going for diesel mechanics, but somehow go shifted into something else. I don’t really know 100% and I haven’t asked him much about it. I will probably spend some time with him in discussion now that he has had a little time to get back into his room and settle in.

      He likes shooting, though we never really had any firearms in the house until recently, but he did fairly well during training, I will encourage him to continue.

      Again, I really appreciate the info. I have supported his decision since it was made, provided that he was aware of the fact that it was a long term commitment that would really end up being a lifetime commitment (once a Marine, always a Marine). He is cut out for it though. At least, I think he is. Only time will really tell.


      1. Can’t buy him a beer, he is only 18!

        This is where you’re supposed to be teaching him the 11th commandment, which he will need in the corps. “Thou Shalt Not Get Caught.”

        The medium is the message and the point is you’d be treating him as an adult. The alcohol isn’t the point, it just reinforces it. In a way it’s an acknowledgement that he just wrote a check made payable to Uncle Sam, in the amount of “Any amount, up to and including my life” and he signed it. The Marine Corps acknowledges that with the fact that in the enlisted club on base he can drink all he wants if he’s on active duty.

      2. I understand the concept, but i don’t think he would see that as me “treating him as an adult”, seeing as how we have never had beer in the house, nor has he ever expressed an interest in drinking one. Jack Daniels, however, is another story. I have a small supply left, and i would be more than happy to share a shot with him. I understand the extent of his commitment, even to his very life, it just didn’t cross my mind because that’s never been a thing for him. I doubt he would reject an offer, however.

    2. You wouldn’t know of anywhere to get good, safe SARMS, do you? I had a place I was going to try but they stopped selling them before I could buy any. I need a good, trusted source, as I would like to try then as well.

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