Final Fantasy Friday XII

This week I am feeling lazy so I am posting a few videos of my playing Dissidia! Despite my laziness they are great videos and really show off some of the exciting mechanics of this great game! As always, if you have never played but are interested check my previous post Great Games – Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy! A little more info past the break!

NOTE: All links go to OneDrive.

The first video has some examples of some of the great game mechanics:

  1. EX-Mode (which I failed to land, but the computer did)
  2. Dodging and Parrying attacks.
  3. Chase mechanic.
  4. Bravery Break
  5. Assist calls (lots of those!)
  6. Assist attacks AND Assist swap! When you perform an Assist swap you swap your assist character for your main character, avoiding damage from the ensuing attack, but you get Assist locked for a short time (the Assist bar gets covered in metal plates). Also, you are typically unable to attack an opponent who has been crushed against the wall, but if an assist attack wall crushes them they ARE WIDE OPEN FOR ATTACK, which lets you pound them even further and they cannot defend.

Cloud is one of my favorite characters because his attacks are strong and pretty straight forward, but they can be kind of slow.

Kefka is a great and crazy character. You can see that his attacks have weird timing and can be tricky to evade. More than once I nailed the computer with Kefkas large blue orb attack (the computer dodges, but because it takes a second to detonate he lands right back into it), and those pointy fireballs are wicked. They fly out but after about a second they boost toward the target. Kefka is also just goofy as a character (“Did I get him?”), but that only masks his psychotic wickedness.

Tifa is a really fun character if you can master her “Feint” moves. Though not especially useful against the computer (who always seems to be a couple of steps ahead of you) they work wonders on unsuspecting players. Her feint attacks are the attacks where she suddenly disappears and reappears on the opposite side of the opponent and they can really throw a player off when they are done right. Also, on this one I did land a good EX attack, but didn’t do great on the delivery.

Hope you enjoyed the videos. If you ever have any questions about playing Dissidia 012 or feel like challenging me to a few matches let me know, I’m sure could work something out.

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