To Infinity….

Sooooo. I went a little overboard with Disney Infinity thing, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Yeah, they are probably a money pit, but I like art and I really enjoy the way these are designed. It’s getting difficult to find them in the stores, but Walmart is has them on clearance for less than 5$ each for single figures and less than 12$ for double packs (that typically include the cool, clear icons that open worlds in the game). Take a quick peek:


My entire Infinity team. Lookin’ cool.



Team Star Wars. Despite my lack of love for the new series, I LOVE these renditions of the characters. I need to get me the rest of the original team!



Team Disney! With the exception of the new Alice, I love each one of these characters. BONUS: My wife used to tell me I looked like Aladdin when we started dating!



Team Marvel! I guess technically they are all Disney now, but the character designs on these things are awesome! The sharp lines and exaggerated muscles are beast! Check out Hulk and Venom back there! The Captain America in center and Ant Man are probably my favorites, followed by Star Lord.




Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

2 thoughts on “To Infinity….”

    1. Ha, ha, yeah! As much as I am disappointed with Disney as an overall company I can’t deny they have done wonders with Marvel. Star Wars, meh, not so much. What’s funny is that I remember a year or so ago that it was reported that the Infinity line had pulled their gaming division back into the black, but I guess people aren’t into it anymore, so they are discontinuing the line. Oh well! Artistic bonus for me, I guess! Now to find the other Incredibles…..

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