Ah…the ocean!

I’m no good a photography. Aside from my phone camera I have a fairly inexpensive Fuji FinePix S1 I purchased a few years back. It’s real claim to fame is, apparently, it is rather weather resistant, and it takes pretty good pictures. I have no idea how all the bells and whistles work, typically opting for the “auto scene” setting. That being said, Matt over at Simplify… has inspired me to take a few shots while at the coast, so if these pictures are bad or give you headaches, blame him!

Ha, ha! Just kidding! The last few times I have been to Ventura I have lamented not having my large camera with me while walking past the bird sanctuary that runs near the beach. There is always a large number of different birds hanging out in the waters, and it’s really interesting to see them all gathering in one spot.

With that in mind I took some of the family down on Saturday, after a few hours of work. I didn’t really plan on going, but I have a sinus thing going on and wanted to be somewhere that I could actually breathe, so we headed to the coast! Everything was going fairly well until I noticed that the beach we normally walk down to reach the sanctuary had washed out! I guess the high tide from the full moon last week pulled the water all the way up until the ocean and the waters of the sanctuary met, and completely obliterated part of the beach!

BTW: Click on any of the pictures to see them full sized!

This channel was not here a couple of weeks ago!


I probably could have crossed, but seeing as how I had my camera and other items, I didn’t want to risk falling into a deep spot, as I could see some of the channel that was created was at least 4-5 feet deep.

A bit bummed, I set up shop not too far from here and spent the day soaking up the sun and snapping pictures of whatever I could find that was interesting. I’ll have to head back in a couple more weeks and see if I can cross over and get some better pictures but for now, enjoy!

It was pretty windy. There were a lot of sailboats on the water.


Caught this guy cleaning himself.


Seagulls are in abundance. The dunces of the beach!


Despite being beach birds these guys hate the water. They run down towards it to grab crabs, then run away when the waves come back up.


My attempt at a ‘dramatic shot’. The pelicans out here are huge.


Dramatic shot #2


One of the businesses out here will take you on tours around the Channel Islands. This is one of their boats headed back into Channel Islands harbor.


In the evening the sea birds actually nosedive into the water to catch fish. It’s hilarious and the large, lumbering pelicans are a blast to watch.


Ha, ha, ha! Mid-dive! What a goofy looking thing!


One more diver! They hit pretty hard, and sometimes two will seemingly go after the same fish, then they come up and fight over it.


Here are these long legged guys again. You can see a couple of them have gotten a hold of the little sand crabs that come up with the tide.


Dramatic shot #3


This guy thinks he is king of the beach.


Hunting on the surf.


This guy seemed really introspective. Like, “I’m just a seagull – what am I doing with my life?”


Brothers from separate mothers?


This boat was really interesting because of the sail. At first I thought it was the Chinese Junk they have sitting in the harbor, but now I can see clearly that I was wrong.


That’s all today! I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures and that you now have a craving for the salted air of the coast! If you ever head this direction just drop me a line and we can meet for some fish and chips or tacos (oh man do I love tacos)!

Author: SnapperTrx

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6 thoughts on “Ah…the ocean!”

    1. I really enjoy being there. The only downside is the amount of tar that washes up on the beach and gets stuck on your feet. Have to use orange pumice soap and a scrub brush to get it off. That reminds me! While there we saw an older lady walking down the shoreline and, I guess she didn’t realize what she was looking at and she reached down to pick up a ‘rock’, but it was actually a giant tar blob. She spent a good amount of time scrubbing her hands with sand and trying to wash it off in the water. She actually picked it up off of the sand and then got really shocked when she realized what she was holding. It was pretty funny, but man, oh, man, that stuff isn’t coming off until she gets home, I guarantee it!

      1. i hadn’t thought of the tar in a long time. i don’t think we had much where i was growing up b/c i don’t remember having to wash much off or often having to do so.

        do y’all have any issues with the nuclear stuff from fukushima?

      2. None that I can remember. The real issue is when we get red tides from all the bacteria and stuff in the water. It happens every so often. There are also a lot of oil rigs out off the coast. You can see them on a clear day, and there are at least four or five nearby. I’m sure some of the tar comes from them, but oil and tar naturally bubble up from the ocean floor anyway and it ends up on the sand. It’s some nasty stuff for sure!

  1. Nice pics. It’s always a bit of a disappointment when the situation prevents the shots you’re looking for. OR, you get a chance to take the shots you’ve been planning, only to find the location isn’t as good as you thought it was (not the problem here, I imagine).

    And thanks for the shoutout.

    1. Hey, thanks! Yeah, it was a bit of a shock to see that much of the beach just….gone! Such is the ocean, though! A harsh and unyielding force, it can be! We may be headed to Venice next weekend. If so I’ll be sure to grab some shots of that mess. Wow! People watching becomes a sport over there, but there are also some nice beaches between the Santa Monica pier and Hermosa Beach.

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