Final Fantasy Friday IX

What would an adventurer have to do without monsters? You can have the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, but without a target, it’s just a giant paperweight! This F3 we take a look at some of the most iconic monsters of the Final Fantasy series! Those slobbering, slavering, ichor spewing beasts that always seem to stand in your way! This list, however, will not contain unique boss monsters. Let’s save that for another day.

Goblin (FF Series)

Nearly every game in the Final Fantasy series has some variation of this series staple. Often some of the weakest monsters in the game, goblins are to Final Fantasy what slimes are to Dragon Quest. Often travelling in groups, their real danger lies on in their numbers, as individually they present less than a challenge. Despite the variation of their design throughout the series they often retain their signature attack Goblin Punch, which has varying effects and can sometimes be learned by Blue mages. In later games such as FF 11 they can wield different types of weapons and even use low level magick.

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Bomb (FF Series)

Bombs are a variation of fire monster that can wreak much havoc on your party. Typically large, round, flaming mouths with eyes, they have a nasty tendency to get irritated and blow up after a short period of time, doing heavy damage to everything in the area. Being monsters of fire they seem to be set off much faster if you happen to hit it with fire based attacks. In some games they inflate and grow substantially with each passing attack, like some kind of nuclear balloon until, finally, they pop, typically taking one or more party members with them. Though they don’t seem to care one way or another for others of their kind, the sight of a group of bombs normally means “turn around and walk away”. In Final Fantasy 13 they were given the odd shape of a giant icosahedron rather than the normal round shape, but retained the arms and eyes.

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Tonberry (FF Series)

This nightmarish little cretin is horror on a small scale. Short of stature this creepy little beast will slowly plod toward your party, lantern and butcher knife in-hand. If you don’t defeat him before he reaches you he will use an awful attack (Butcher knife or Everyone’s grudge) that does extremely high damage, as its power is typically based off of A)How much damage you have done to the little guy before he guts you or B)How many monsters you have killed! Sometimes the attack simply kills the target outright, regardless of how much HP you have! As a gamer there are few things that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up, but the sound these guys make when they notice you in FF 11 did the trick! Sometimes you may run into a King Tonberry who is ten times more difficult to take down and uses the ability Everyone’s Rancor, which does high damage based on the number of Tonberry you have previously dispatched. Not. Cool.

Typically found in dark, damp places, if the vision of one of these things shuffling toward you through the darkness doesn’t make your heart race then your a better gamer than I.

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Marlboro (FF Series)

Sometimes called a Morbol or Oscar, well….I don’t even know. I mean, just look at the thing. Probably one of the most god-awful creatures that one could possibly image the Marlboro is wrong on so many levels it’s not even funny. First you have the multitude of eyestalks, followed by the large, round body covered by nasty, wriggling tendrils, topped off by the lower body which consists of large tentacles. Then, to make matters worse you have a gaping maw of needle sharp teeth, often oozing and dripping ichor and snot. Not for the feint of heart!

Definitely one of the most awful monsters in the FF series, the advancement in graphical technology has done little to improve their appalling visage, but has, in fact, made it much worse! Towering well over most adventurers, the tentacles, eyes and tendrils are the least of your worries, for the crème de la crème of the Marlboros attack stems from its Bad Breath. This noxious cloud of vaporous gas inflicts no less than half a dozen negative status affects any party members caught within! Poison, Confuse, Sleep, Silence, Frog (or Imp), Petrify, Mini, Berserk, Slow (or Stop), Blind (or Darkness) and Zombie are just a few of the many ailments your party can suffer if they fail to move away from the foul stench. Consider yourself lucky if your healer doesn’t get affected, but prepare for a difficult recovery or death if they aren’t on the ball and fail to remove as many effects as possible as fast as they can!

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Ugh. That’s it for today. So many bad memories of these guys beating me down, time after time. Until next week, keep your swords sharp, your armor clean and your crystals shining!

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