What’s a (christian) guy to do?

Do you know Greg Laurie? Pastor of Harvest church in Riverside, CA, he is one of my favorite pastors to listen to online. I am subscribed to his podcast and I often listen to it while driving out of town. He’s pretty straight forward, teaches the bible line by line, verse by verse, and is a pretty good entertainer as well, often throwing in goofy impersonations, Beatles references and personal stories into his sermons. They are fun, but not distracting from the overall lesson. Above all he is a guy who loves Jesus, and it shows. Having come from the Jesus movement of the 60’s, he is always a good pastor to listen to.

That being said, I do have one problem with his teaching style: He is very self-denigrating towards himself and men. It’s doesn’t come off as mean-spirited, like some other pastors who have recently fallen from grace, but is often light hearted and humorous. Sometimes making joking statements like “men are brain damaged from birth because our brains are bathed in testosterone”, I really don’t think he means anything negative by it, it’s just part of his “act”. In fact, if I hadn’t found the manosphere it might not have even bothered me, but therein lies the problem. Much like listening to music or watching movies, the things we don’t readily pay a lot of attention to can still greatly affect us and our thinking.

Recently my wife and I started watching a show on Netflix, a BBC drama called The Fall. Overall it’s a good show about an officer named Stella, played by Gillian Anderson (of X-files fame) who is on the hunt for a sexual-deviant killer in Belfast, Ireland. It’s well written, well acted and, though it moves somewhat slowly, is quite gripping. Stella is not your typically “ball-busting” feminist, but she is very much a feminist, which is to be expected from modern TV where every woman is either a victim, a whore or an empowered feminist.

I had some issues with the show when Stella started talking about how great the matriarchal societies of South America were, and how they had no crime and the women were empowered to sleep with men as they pleased, no strings attached (which we come to find seems her mindset on sexual relations, at great cost to others). I also had some issues when I started to notice that every man in the show was either a killer, a wuss or awful in some way (one victims husband seems to be having an affair, one is a wife-beater, one has already slept with Stella in the past, etc.). Though I rolled my eyes through most of it my jaw dropped during the following exchange.

The scene takes place after Stella has come back to her hotel room from the hotel restaurant. As she is getting undressed someone knocks at her door. It is her superior from the police force, John. A man she has previously slept with (married, btw), after a bit of harried discussion about the situation he is in, he drunkenly begs her to sleep with him, to which, after some protest, she promptly breaks his nose. From there the two move to the bathroom where we see Stella cleaning up his bloody face while he talks a little about the murder case and the prime suspect, who a history of going in and out of boys homes in his youth. John admits that he is familiar with one of the homes (apparently having been in that same home in his youth) and laments the fact that the home leader, a priest, was in the habit of molesting the boys. From this point the following conversation takes place:

John: “Why are women emotionally and spiritually so much stronger than men?”

Stella: “Because the basic human form is female. Maleness is…a kind of birth defect.”

Yes, you read that right. This line, this one single line, sums up societies view of men. A birth defect. Doesn’t matter if your a feminist or not, this is what we have been trained to believe, and it’s disgusting.

I don’t dislike Greg Laurie, in fact, I like him a lot. My family has a bit of a direct tie with the guy – he is the pastor who married my parents. Unfortunately, however, his jokes about men being damaged from birth fall right in line with horrible, feminist thinking. I don’t believe he says anything with ill intent, but jokes like that, to a captive congregation, along with feminist anti-male sentiment from the world, makes a deadly combination. And Greg Laurie is not the only one who speaks like this. Pastors all over crack the same jokes and hold the same sentiment, often praising women for their innate goodness and holiness, while denigrating men as being out of touch with God and making statements that make men seem unfit to lead or unworthy of their wives.

Where is a young, Christian man supposed to go when both the church and the world seem hostile toward him? Or, even worse, where is the unsaved man supposed to go when he hits rock bottom and is looking for a savior in Jesus, and the church and the world both tell him he is damaged from birth, just for being a man? How do young women, seeking a husband or being sought after by a man as a wife, view her suitors when she is told that men are damaged goods, incapable of rational thought and Neanderthals capable of nothing more than grunts and groans?

And we wonder why men are leaving the church in droves?


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

8 thoughts on “What’s a (christian) guy to do?”

  1. Good points. While I won’t say this is the only reason I quit going to church, it’s “one of” them. If I can get my male bashing in while the commercials are playing during Formula 1 races on Sunday morning… why get dressed?

    1. Yes, it’s becoming a big problem in the churches and mainstream Christianity in general. I just read a really fantastic article (http://www.artofmanliness.com/2016/08/22/the-feminization-of-christianity/) that gives some great insight as to how the church started falling into feminization and why men are opting out. Although, as christians, we are told not to forsake the church, I dont know if the American “church” should be considered Christ’s bride anymore, what with the woman worship and the obvious disregard of men. I mean, even Martin Luther had to stand up and say “Something is very wrong with the church today!” when he saw it wasn’t what the scriptures said it should be. I don’t know where the American church is headed, but we are not mentioned in the bible, so it doesn’t give me much hope for the establishment as a whole, but certainly those who are Gods will remain his. Unfortunately if you tried to tell the men in the church they are being cut down and degraded they would sooner beat you out of the door than agree. Hence, men like you and I simply get up and leave, then we are called heathen for not attending our weekly beating session. Well, maybe not weekly, but, you get the point.

  2. Wow Snapper!!! That tv-show is insane! Indeed, how are young Christian men supposed to overcome constant things like that in their life? I’m sure a super strong family life can help immensely – at least help them realize how wrong it all is when they see it, but wow. Just so much yuck!

    1. Yeah. Overall it’s a very gripping drama. Well written, excellent acting but a snails pace at times. Gillian Anderson still looks surprisingly well for her age and the fact that the killer is so normal most of the time makes him extra creepy.

      That being said, I don’t know if a super strong family life would be very helpful. Take my own family as an example. We are and have always been very close, but my dad was almost completely unaware of the need to teach me how to be a man. After talking with some other family members I found out that there was some talk of me being too much into books and stuff when I was younger, and he wanted to get me more into sports, but that never really happened. He is more of a natural alpha, and I think the general consensus around the manosphere is that most natural alpha types don’t realize they are alpha or that it’s something that needs to be learned by those who aren’t. For them its just life. As a result he never taught me with regards to that, and I ended up being more of a quite, beta type.

      Also take into account that even a strong family life will do little if the parents don’t catch on to the anti-male sentiment of society. It’s common knowledge in the manosphere that most people, when they become aware of the things going on around them, simply gloss over the truth. They don’t want to accept the change in reality – it simply cannot be, so they reject it. Can you imagine the fallout if a pastor got up in front of his congregation and started talking about how anti-male society and the church is? I doubt many in his congregation would “see it”, and would instead reject both the pastor and his church.

      Just as it was a slow descent into this madness so it will need to be a slow ascent back out of it if we are to change peoples thinking without causing them shock. I mean, the only other option is for something so catastrophic to happen that people MUST accept it, but the fallout of that would be phenomenal. It would take something akin to an apocalyptic scenario that would scare the masses back into reliance on the strong, alpha male, and I don’t think any of us want to see that event (well, most of us don’t want to). The best thing to do is for those of us who are aware to train our children and our grandchildren in the truth and let it propagate out from there. It may take another 50 years before it really gains a foothold, but it can make a difference. The pendulum swings in both directions.

      1. My husband had to really develop his masculine nature, too… and without help at all from his dad 😦 His dad mostly used ridicule and humiliation tactics to discipline him… and they didn’t have a good relationship at all. I think it was after reading “Wild at Heart” that my husband kind of started to see the difference in kinds of men (alpha and beta, etc) and choose what would be best for his future (an alpha type described in that Christian men’s book). That was before we were engaged and he was already fairly alpha but a little more blue pill than red pill. Ironically, just growing in our marriage together produced in him a red pill awareness to the point where he is almost cliche now 🙂 which I don’t mind at all.

        “Can you imagine the fallout if a pastor got up in front of his congregation and started talking about how anti-male society and the church is? I doubt many in his congregation would “see it”, and would instead reject both the pastor and his church.”

        I forget where you’re from Snapper, but our Pastor has actually done this. It was such a good sermon warning us about what boys are specifically facing in this anti-masculine world that I think I wrote a post about it and linking to the sermon. Our church accepted it and most seem to already be aware of it. But then again… we’re Texans 😀 and I swear Texans have a history of just promoting raw masculinity.

      2. I blog with women from my church (Bible study leaders even) reading what I write in large part because they’re so accepting of anti-feminism and understanding what’s happening to men in our culture. If we lived somewhere else I’m sure it’d be more difficult to openly support things like that.

        But yea as far as something catastrophic happening… don’t you think it may happen very soon for Europe? 😥 I’m so heartbroken at what the Muslims have done there/are doing there to the societies. Calaise is apparently in a war zone right now. Germany broadcasted to the public recently to get ready for a catastrophe due to the migrants and a possible war coming soon. I’m no prophetess, but I think it’s going to get very bad soon – like extremely bad in Europe to the point where we won’t believe what we’ll read about the horrors that will start happening in mass scale to the citizens of those countries. 😦

      3. Yeah, we are in California. It’s a great place to live, but only if you can stand the crippling laws and overbearing government. If it weren’t for those two I would stay here until I die, but I have been considering leaving after my kids are grown up. I just cant stand it anymore. Everything is regulated and the state government is run by buffoons. Now we have this high speed rail line going in that is costing the state untold millions (maybe billions now, I don’t remember). I likely wont get to see it in my lifetime, and I’m only 41 years old. My dad was born in Texas and, though I have eyeballed it a few times, I don’t think my wife would appreciate living there. She’s from Oklahoma, so I know the dislike of Texas runs deep (ha!).

        I will say, however, I never really considered moving to Texas until one day, on a local radio show, Ted Nugent called in (he is friends with the host of the show). When asked how he was doing, Ted replied “Well, I’m driving down a Texas highway with a loaded MP-5 in my passenger seat, so I’m doing pretty good.”. Right then and there I started considering Texas.

      4. Yes, Europe is headed in that direction, but they are still far from that point, and that is what’s so scary. I mean, when you think about it, things would literally have to come to utter lawlessness and chaos before “that point” would be hit. It would have to go so feral that only the alpha males, the one willing to kill or be killed, would be able to protect their clan. Even then, if not enough European males exist that hold that status anymore, Europe will fall. In the states its a bit of a different story. We are infighting between racial classes of our own citizens, not so much foreign invaders at the moment. We might not disappear after falling that low, but it would be devastating nonetheless.

        Makes me think of another line in The Fall, but I don’t know if you have seen the entire show yet, so I wont say anything. I will say this, though, for one brief moment it got very, VERY red pill. Crazy.

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