I’m on a roll, people. Bear with me as I sort out my thoughts via blog. Remember, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it, but I am always open to arguments, rebuttals and intelligent discussion.

Have you seen Disney’s The Good Dinosaur? If not, watch the trailer below, and maybe go watch the film before you continue, as this post will contain spoilers. You have been warned!

Okay, right off the bat let me tell you that the little kid in the film is the splitting image of one of my nephews. I mean, serious like. If the kid put on a loin cloth they could let him run around Disneyland park and people would think he was a cast member (on the same note, my son looks almost exactly like Kyo Ren from Star Wars – like eerily similar to the point that my daughters jaw nearly hit the floor when she saw the movie).

I went and saw this movie at the local dollar theater and aside from the technical aspect (THIS IS RENDERED CG? WHAT. THE. FRENCH. TOAST?) I thought it was a fantastic film for a number of different reasons. I mean, I went into it pretty much blind, as I didn’t pay it much attention as the commercials showed up before its release, or when it actually released. A few key things to note (in case you don’t plan on seeing the film):

  1. It’s basically a western! Yeah! Weird, right? The premise is that dinosaurs avoided extinction when the meteor that supposedly killed them off missed Earth and continued on into the stars. The dinosaurs evolved and the period of time in the film is what we humans would consider the wild west. Totally did not see that coming!
  2. The film is nothing you haven’t seen before, with the role of the young human boy replaced by a young dinosaur boy, and the role of the wild dog or wolf replaced by a human boy. The film is along the same lines as Old Yeller or several other older films with the same formula: Boy is awkward, boy finds wild dog whom he befriends (after some comical mischief), boy goes through experiences that force him to grow up while aided by the dog. It’s been done many times because it works on many levels and appeals to men.
  3. The film is widely panned as one of the WORST Disney films to date. Try reading about it at IMDB. It gets a horrible rating (6.8) and tons of bad viewer reviews.

I was elated after watching it, and was really surprised to find that people didn’t like it, and that they thought it was a horrible film! I mean HORRIBLE film! Check these review titles out!

  • “A poor film for an average company, a disaster for Pixar”
  • “Where is the plot?”
  • “Too Boring for Adults; Too Disturbing for Kids”
  • “Pixar Should Be Ashamed”
  • “Worst Pixar Film (by far)”

These people HATED this movie! Personally I couldn’t figure it out! It wasn’t Oscar material, sure, but it was a great movie nonetheless! And, to boot, it was along the same vein as Old Yeller, which is considered to be a great and beloved film! For a while it bothered me because I couldn’t figure it out, but then it hit me! I figured out WHY people hated it so much:

The Good Dinosaur is, heart and soul, a guy film.

Its the kind of movie a father sits down to watch with his son, and it really is one of the “coming of age” stories intended for guys. It’s kind of gross at times. It’s kind of harsh at times, particularly when the father is ushering his son into manhood. It involves loyalty and courage and goofy humor. It’s everything you want in a guy film, but that a lot of women just don’t understand or, in this case, are actually offended by! And not just women, but modern men, who subscribe to the feminist model of thinking, would be greatly offended! The film is too scary! The characters are too mean! The main characters do dangerous things! I cant let my son watch this – he might learn to be a man!

If it they were made today, classic films like Stand by Me, The Sandlot and others would be panned in the same way. They show boys being boys and boys turning into men. Growing out of the cocoon of a safe world where mommy is always there to kiss your scraped knee, into a world where there lies responsibility. A place where death becomes real and sometimes the only way you can make it through the day is through leaning on the loyal shoulders of good friends.

It’s goes completely against modern male training.

So the other day I was cruising my FB feed when I came upon a video featurette that highlighted the voice actors of Final Fantasy 15 (the game, not the movie. Apparently there are some differences). Watch it below:


While watching I noticed one of the actors said that the story if FF15 is really a “coming of age story”, a story of “father and son, brother to brother”. I had guessed as much, as the title song for the game is a rendition of Stand by Me by Florence + The Machine. As such, I posted a comment:

Incredible to see this story unfolding in a time when “father and son” and men in general are so frowned upon. The time tested story of a boy becoming a man is as relevant now as it has ever been, and every boy must go through his own journey. Some must grow up very quickly, some bandy around in childhood well into old age, but it is a quest every man must face. I think I will very much enjoy playing this game very much.

Suffice to say it immediately brought the tumblr types out of the woodwork. The first to respond was a young looking boy who derided me and asked “what world are you living in”. Shortly after others came out with similar replies and taunts. I avoided answering them because, though I felt the observation was valid on my part, I didn’t think it kind to cause the whole thread to devolve into a discussion about men and men’s rights when it was intended to be about a game.

Eventually someone stated they would at least like to hear my reasoning behind my statement. From there a few more people stood up and agreed with me.

I guess this post isn’t really a rant, but more of a report. I was glad to respond to the one who wanted to hear me, though he never contacted me afterward (I told him I would be happy to discuss things with him in another venue). I was glad that even one person was willing to open their ears and hear the “why” rather than just shoot off their mouth about how dumb I was. I was glad to see others stand up and say “even if we don’t agree with him fully we see where what he is saying IS happening!”.

It’s always nice to see a glimmer of hope that someday men will return to their rightful place, and just be men.

God created an order for a purpose. When we go against that order we a for trouble. When we follow that order we have peace.

Maybe this isn’t even a report. Maybe it’s just the deranged writings of a man who is grown old quickly, and wants to ensure his sons, and his grandsons, live in a world where being a man isn’t seen as an instant crime against humanity.