Monday morning stuff.

Just a few thoughts and stuff running through my head this morning. Fluff post, if your looking for something more substantial, don’t look here!

Final Fantasy: Play Arts Kai

So Square-Enix are the makers of some incredibly awesome figures and the Play Arts Kai line is top of the line awesome! If you want to see some really cool interpretations of Batman (Wild West? Samurai? Two-Face?) then check it out!

Square Enix Figures

All I really want to talk about, though, are two figures in particular: Cloud and Sephiroth. Play Arts Kai figures are expensive for a reason – they look fantastic! Just look at these two!

The detail on these things is great and really capture the personalities of the characters! Cloud, determined, Sephiroth, menacing! And those weapons! I am really going to try and save up enough cash to purchase both of these figures, and really hope that SE will create a few Kai figures related to earlier Final Fantasy games. They are also releasing a Dissidia figure of FF8’s Squall Leonhart, and I would certainly LOVE to buy that one as well, but it would be cool to see figures of characters that are not really lesser known, but certainly get less attention (Cyan from FF6, Rydia from FF4, etc). I’m sure they will do more Dissidia figures, as the game is doing well in Japanese arcades. Still hoping for a U.S. release!

squall figure

BTW: They don’t just do Batman and Final Fantasy. Check out their cool variants of Marvel characters as well. Not every one is a bulls eye, but most of them end up being great interpretations!

Boys Need Swords

So my attempt to sell wooden weapons isn’t going so great. I don’t know if there just isn’t much of a market for it or if I am not doing something right. I don’t have much money to spend on advertising, but my Facebook page seems to reach quite a few people, none of which have purchased anything, to date. I’m not really focused on selling items, really, but it becomes necessary to do so if I want to continue to make anything. If I am making things and not selling them then I am basically digging a money pit.

I got into wood working, weapons in particular, for a number of different reasons. Things are about to get slightly political, so bear with me.

  1. I have always wanted to wield the weapons I see in the games  I play, but, naturally, most of them are unrealistic to make out of metal. They are either extremely difficult to reproduce or, more than likely, so heavy and awkward that they cant even be swung around for enjoyment! I said before that Clouds Buster sword (see above) weights over 70 lbs. when make from aluminum! Wood is a much lighter medium, to be sure!
  2. I have been at a desk job for a long time, sitting behind my computer from day to day. I wanted to do something with my hands and produce something that wasn’t digital, but something real, and substantial. Wood is fairly cheap when compared to other materials and wood working tools are not very expensive for basic, useable ones, so I decided to pursue my casual interest in an attempt to get out from behind my PC and get dirty in the garage. So far it has been very satisfying, but I would love to continue learning and refining my ability to build.
  3. I wanted to make wooden weapons that young boys could enjoy because I think the innate spirit of adventure they possess is being crushed. It’s no secret that I am a gamer. I have been for a couple of decades now, but even I, at the peak of my gaming (right around the end of high school when I had a job and could afford it) got out and did stuff with my friends. Typically we would be out in one of our backyards swinging actual swords, but we had an arsenal of “quiet toys” ranging from sai, nunchaku, poles, spears, chain whips, throwing knives, etc. Though we never learned to use them with any great skill we were still outside doing something physical and adventurous! And not only were we gaming, but we were the school “D&D nerds”, as we often played table top RPGs (dice games)! Now days I see a lot of obese little boys who sit in and play video games all day, rarely going outside to fight imaginary dragons, getting exercise and developing a sense of honor, valor and courage. My hope was to put something in the hands of young men that they really only get to see on their TV screens or in plastic form at the store, and ignite a sense of adventure in them! A wooden sword needs no explanation. Put it in a young mans hands and he will know exactly what to do with it, even if he doesn’t full know HOW to do it. Amazingly enough, he will figure it out on his own. Unfortunately that innate sense is being called “toxic masculinity” and there are people out there doing everything they  can to keep young men from developing it. To me, this is sad.

I have considered ditching the “for sale” route and attempting to create a GoFundMe so I can just give the things away. I have even considered making some intricate and large weapons and hiding them around town for people to find, which I think would be a cool thing to do. I think, for now, I will expand my selling options from Facebook only back into Ebay and maybe Etsy for a while. If nothing comes from it I may try GoFundMe, but I don’t know how much support I would get, considering that the project involves plenty of things modern people hate like weapons and putting them in the hands of young boys. I’ll keep the blog updated on this as time passes and things happen.

Destructive Tendencies

My best friend and I have started working on my long-in-development tabletop RPG, Destructive Tendencies. Unfortunately after a troublesome time in my life I got rid of a ton of information and advancements on the game that now have to be rebuilt, but we are moving forward and things are starting to look really good! In case you didn’t know the characters Sonja Red, Sonja Black and Snapper, all featured in images on the sidebar of my blog, are characters from said game. I started development on it back in my jr. high days, so it has been a couple of decades in the works, at least. Unfortunately I have just never finished working on it, but the recent rebirth of tabletop gaming has lit a fire under me and I would love to get it finished. Even if it never turns into anything, to complete it would be a great accomplishment, in my mind. I have posted some information on this blog about it (see the Pages at the top of the blog), but I am remiss to post too much information until I can get some copyright work done. Until then I don’t mind posting some info, and will probably update the Pages section of the blog shortly.


Well, that’s all for Monday morning. Everyone have a good week!


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  1. Mini-update!

    You will also find, on the sidebar, two new links to my public OneDrive folders. One leads to my cache of anime and cartoon cuties. Some images involve nudity, but mostly anime babes in bathing suits and other typical anime girl fare. Probably not safe for work, but fine for home.

    The second leads to my collection of Final Fantasy images, which I have collected over the years. I am running short on some of the series, and will add new images as I find them. Some are fan pics, some are original artwork from the games themselves and some are screen shots from the games themselves. If your interested in Final Fantasy, look there! Plenty of cool stuff.

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