Even non-Christians get it….

An article over at Judgy Bitch (who’s site I visit whenever I see her with a new post) points out some interesting facts about women in the workplace that have a direct correlation to women in the churchplace! I would recommend reading it before continuing on with my post, as I will refer to some things she has said, but will not be quoting her here.

A couple of important points stick out in her post but, to me, the most important thing she talks about is how women’s morality tends to be contextual and situational while men’s morality tends to be universal and objective. This single fact alone makes a clear case for why women should not be teachers in the church, nor pastors or any type of authority. In fact, it ties directly into what I have said about modern Christians in past posts: Modern Christians cannot handle the truth of the bible!

In our continually feminized churches the words of the bible have been deemed “too harsh” or, in some cases, outright offensive! I said in a previous reply on my own blog:

The bible is full of words that CHRISTIANS don’t want to hear, but are forced to because they claim to be Christians. In order to make the words more palatable we add little changes here and there so that the words remain the same, but the spirit of the words is gone.

Using the information provided on her post, Judgy Bitch has given us a shining example of WHY this is the case! When the church becomes feminized it starts to take on the “contextual morality” of the female mind. Suddenly things that are show to be sinful in the bible aren’t sinful if the situation is right! A woman divorcing her husband and destroying her family because she isn’t being continually wooed through date nights and sonnets is NOT a sin because of her situation. The fact that the actual word of God gives no foundation for her divorce is irrelevant – her situation makes it okay. The same goes for women pastors and leaders! The perceived situation of men “not stepping up” makes the actual word of God irrelevant – the situation makes the appointment of women pastors and leaders okay!

The word of God is not contextual. God is unchanging and those things that anger Him and those things that please Him are unchanging. If He said “no divorce except for sexual immorality” then that still holds true even now, thousands of years later. That men, who lean toward a more universal and objective morality, have been placed as the leaders and the head of the family is not by mistake, it is by design! Gods design!

Another point that sticks out in her post is simply the title: “Give women power, and women will create morally righteous ways to abuse it.

Women are wired to control – rather, to mother those under their authority. It’s how they keep kids in line and teach them the basics of life, what to do and what not to do. It keeps kids from running into traffic or drinking bleach. A woman’s tendency to baby-proof the home keeps kids from accidentally locking themselves in closets or from getting into dangerous chemicals that could do them harm. Translate this into the real world of business and church, however, and it doesn’t work so well. Most men do not need to be mothered. They want a wife, sure, but a wife is not a mother, nor should she be. Mothers constantly peck at children, reminding them of their responsibilities and the inherent dangers of their actions – men don’t need, nor do they want that. But reality is a harsh mistress and, well, women cannot hide what they have been programmed to do! When a woman takes over authority in the church the motherly instinct kicks in, AS IT’S SUPPOSED TO, but it is utilized in the wrong venue! Given authority over the men of the church (which is what a pastor has – authority) a woman pastor will start to utilize her mothering instinct to, well, mother! In the end it doesn’t work because men, overall, don’t like being mothered.

The modern American church, however, tells men that women are holier than them, smarter than them and that their relationship with their wives is a direct reflection of their relationship with God. If your relationship with your wife is failing then your relationship with God is failing! To get right with God, get right with your wife! Complete and utter nonsense! Yes the bible tells us not to treat our wives harshly, lest our prayers be hindered, but it does not, at any time, point to our  wives as our spiritual compass! Our wives are just as sinful and imperfect as we are! What happens when a man tries to follow the directions of a broken compass?

Christian media also continues to push the concept of women being already perfected in the flesh as they would be in heaven. I have already made some mention of the horrendous song by For King and Country, Priceless. In it they tell women that the mirror is lying to you! Your not what you see in the mirror! It then proceeds to explain how they see women “dressed in white, every wrong made right”. This is called idol worship and women eat it up. Every woman likes to be praised. Women have a built in approval battery and it’s can take a lot to fully charge it. They can absorb praise and approval for days. This has lead Christian women, young and old, to believe they are above men in every way possible.

When women have power over men they will, eventually, abuse it. It is common RP knowledge that the majority of women do not mentally mature beyond the age of high school. This fact is proven over and over again at the seemingly high school age backstabbing and infighting that happens between grown, adult women. Just look at the book shown on the post “Working with Bitches”. I have not read the book, but I am fairly sure that were one to read it they would recognize the same female archetypes they saw in high school invading the workplace, as well as the same behaviors from women in general! Cliques form, there is talk about what so and so really thinks about you know who, did you know Billy in R&D was talking about you the other day, blah, blah, blah.

Now think about how the “hot” girls of high school used and abused their power over the boys. At least back in high school it was because they were the hot girls and guys got some attention, even if it was false attention. In the real world that’s not the case. Women pastors have authority over the men of their church, and wives have been give authority by the state, as well as the church. Eventually it will lead to trouble.

This kind of stuff has no place in the church and a pastors failure to quash any type of female empowerment uprising in his own church is a massive failure.

Despite what you might think this post is not an attack on women, and neither are the majority of my posts. Rather it is a introspection on the state of the American church, which I see as failing. A big part of that failure comes from it’s lack of desire to assure that women, and men, know their place. Men fail to grasp the scepter of authority given them by their God while women are more than eager to snatch it up and make themselves equal to men in His authority structure, which God clearly says they are not.

The crazy thing is that even non-Christians can see the differences between men and women, and the inherent pitfalls of putting women in charge. Why is that?


Author: SnapperTrx

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3 thoughts on “Even non-Christians get it….”

  1. Excellent points about the feminization of the church and men needing a wife rather than a mother. I try to be good at the latter, but occasionally my husband has to gently remind me to back off. 🙂 He has also made the point that the church becoming more and more feminine is driving a lot of the younger men away which leads to an increased number of old maids in the church. Sad all around.

    Btw, thanks so much for the “mandysized” article. I had skipped it at first because I thought it was another gaming post (which as a non-gamer doesn’t catch my interest). When I saw you reference it in a comment, I read it, was very inspired, and it has made a good deal of difference in my marriage over the last week or so. We weren’t bad to begin with, but we have definitely captured more of the boyfriend/girlfriend feel. My husband commented on my change, which made my day. He also said he couldn’t believe how much higher his sex drive has been this last week. I just grinned and slipped into some lingerie. Tonight he set aside his book and snuggled with me on the couch while we watched olympics WITHOUT MY HAVING TO ASK :). So yes, ladies, that post is very good advice.

    I know your own marriage sucks and I feel very sorry for you, but please know that God is using you to help make a difference in other people’s.

    1. It is very nice to hear that some of what I post has an effect on people, and a positive one at that. Honestly some days I wonder why I even blog about anything since the world around me seems like a madhouse. I am especially pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Mandy post and that it worked for you!

      I don’t know that my marriage ‘sucks’, it certainly has it’s days, but I think my own knowledge of things makes it worse that it is because I want things to change, and I know they SHOULD change, but they are not changing.

      I’m glad God can use me, it’s actually something I pray for often, so thanks for that.

  2. I think you’ve just about captured the essence of this deplorable matriarchal order we live by nowadays. Women think they have the right to mother every man they meet and tell him what to do and how to do it then if he doesn’t they start throwing tantrums like spoiled kids. Feminism this, feminism that.
    Love your article anyways, it’s the truth

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