Lack of Motivation

For the past couple of weeks I have had zero motivation. I mean, absolute zero. I haven’t felt like cleaning my garage, which mean I haven’t felt like doing any wood work. I haven’t felt like playing Final Fantasy 14 (now that IS weird), haven’t felt like playing Killer Instinct, haven’t felt like doing anything! I don’t know what’s up. I am supposed to be headed to the doctor later this month to get some blood work done and I am hoping that will shed some light on the problem. In all honesty I am a typical guy when it comes to visiting the doctor – I can’t remember the last time I went to one. Though I enjoyed my weekend with the wife (and our lengthy bike ride), I feel totally drained.

I have been trying, for the past few months, to get on a steady weight lifting routine but have had issues. I never got into lifting in my younger days and starting now is both painful and frustrating. I know I will never gain like I would have twenty years ago, and lack of earlier lifting has made starting now rough since I don’t have much strength to build off of. I’m slightly overweight, but nothing extreme. I could stand to lose another twenty pounds.

Anyway, just posting because I am bored and don’t really have much else to post about. Ignore if necessary.


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10 thoughts on “Lack of Motivation”

    1. Ha ha! That would be great! We have a Scottish Society here in town, though I am not anywhere near Scottish. I suppose, however, they would welcome someone willing to swing weapons of mass destruction (at least in the hands of a Scotsman)! I might see what I can do about that! Thanks for the motivator!

      1. It beats what I am doing now. In fact, now that you mention it, maybe I need to look toward making Slash, my ultimate sword. You can see it in my ‘DT Renders’ on the side of the blog. One of the main reasons I got into wood working was to build a good version of that sword and maybe I need to make a test version, a ‘Mark I’ if you will. Then I can go out and swing that thing around! Ah yes, I am feeling somewhat motivated now! I don’t think I can put the skulls and stuff on the sides, but a good mock up build would be very cool!

      2. Ha ha! I wish! It would be the great sword form. It would need to be at least 6 ft. in length and I may have to adjust the scale so the side claws aren’t so large. I don’t think I could one-hand it unless I put some counter weight on the handle, maybe with some lead inserts. Yes! Now we’re talkin’!

    1. Ha ha, don’t be, I think we all go through these periods of time, but as you can see I find that I am already having my motivation renewed with the prospect of a new, much anticipated project. Ill have to be sure and post updates here once I get started on it. It will be a doozy, as the sword in question is large and somewhat complex, but it was one of my main reasons for getting into wood working. Thanks for your concern, though!

  1. on the weight lifting and TRP stuff –

    i think the general concepts of TRP are important … but how we carry them out individually can be, well, individual. so, weight lifting isn’t your thing … you like cycling? they ride. you like running? then run. swimming? then swim. the concept is to develop and maintain as healthy a body as possible. that gives you confidence short term and long term and decreases your possible need for things like anti-depressants … and decreases your chances for things like type 2 diabetes and other health issues.

    i read another post that is no longer up where a husband was trying to figure out if it was okay for him to help his working wife with the housework and children and still be RP. that’s a bit … crazy to me.

    TRP says the man should be The Man. so if The Man in the home decides to help out with the housework or cooking or whatever else in whatever ways he chooses for whatever duration he chooses, then he’s being The Man in the home. He is making the decision. He is doing what’s best for his family. He is leading them.

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