30 miles

The wife and I went to Santa Monica on Saturday with the intent of riding from the Santa Monica Pier to Hermosa beach and back, a trip of about 22 miles, according to our map app. Well, it was a longer trip than we had anticipated by about 8 miles, so we did a full 30 miles back and forth. An excellent, EXCELLENT ride to be sure, but at 4 hours and 34 minutes it was pretty brutal towards the end.

If you have never been to Venice beach I would highly recommend it. It seriously is a freak show and you will see all manner of people. I didn’t take any pictures because we were biking, but if you don’t mind people in skimpy clothing, the smell of Venice green (weed, yuck!) or hippie drum circles I say get up and go. If you enjoy people watching you will not be disappointed.

The only downside to the trip was the wind. When you are riding into the wind it can feel like you aren’t moving at all. Other than that it was great! Now I just need a week to recover!


Update: I was wrong, I took a couple of pictures. One of the night skyline (not a great shot) and another of our drinks at Bubba Gumps. Pretty good food, but pricey!




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8 thoughts on “30 miles”

    1. Not really. If you could see me hobbling around the office you wouldn’t think so! Maybe it was impressive considering I felt like my legs were going to fall off around mile 20!

      1. lol!

        okay … well, that’s probably true.

        HOWEVER! think of all the rest of us who didn’t even get on a bike that day … and you’ve accomplished a lot more than most!

        so, perspective, my friend, as you’re hobbling around the office. and … a goal that it doesn’t kick your butt so hard the next time 😉

  1. Nice. My longest so far has been 21 and some change from my place to the north side of the Air Force Academy and back. The trail goes farther north, but I haven’t had the time for that yet. (The link says the trail ends officially at County Line Road in Palmer Lake, but I know there’s more trail north of there; I don’t know if they connect. http://www.traillink.com/trail/new-santa-fe-regional-trail.aspx) It also hooks up to the Pikes Peak Greenway trail (http://www.traillink.com/trail/pikes-peak-greenway-trail.aspx) so there’s plenty to do still.

    1. Wow! Both of those look like awesome rides! I love riding my bike, but bad knees keep me from doing anything too uphill. I had some trouble on the beach trail, but mostly because slow people would get ahead of us or, even worse, tons of people would congregate on the trail! It’s really bad through Venice beach, because all the freaks hang out on the trail! I mean, seriously freaky people walking around in thongs with devil horns on their heads or green mohawks and spiked combat boots. They really clog things up. As nice as it would be to ride on a nice quiet trail, the weirdness of the West Coast is unique in its own way. You wont find any of these creatures on Pikes Peak! HA!

    2. ahhh … Colorado in August! forget the bike trails … i’d just like to sit outside and not fry (as it’s in the 100’s down here in Texas!)

      1. This year has been far more humid and cool than some recent years, too (I swear I’m not trying to rub it in).

        Still hot enough to need to keep the windows open and occasionally turn on the AC in the house… Not hot enough to NEED the AC. Lots of rain… My kind of summer. 😁

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