Final Fantasy Friday VI

This FFF we are looking at some of the most iconic weapons of the Final Fantasy world! This happens to be one of my favorite subjects because I would love to have a large stack of wood and enough time to make some replicas of some of these weapons! When you receive these weapons in game it is, naturally, a great thing, but nothing compares to swinging one around, even a fake, wooden one. And now, in no particular order:

Buster Sword – FF7
Probably one of the most well known of the FF related weapons, this massive sword was wielded by Cloud Strife, a ex-SOLDIER turned mercenary. Despite its extreme size and Clouds rather thin frame, he wielded it with ease, having been given power through his infusion with mako energy. Good thing, too, as a replica of this weapon made by Man At Arms weighed upwards of 70 lbs.


buster sword 000
The original Buster Sword


My variant replica, made of poplar wood, was still around 7 lbs. at 5 feet long and 10 inches wide at its widest point!

In FF7: Advent Children Cloud wields the Fusion sword, which is comprised of six smaller swords that can be wielded separately or joined together through mechanical means to form a massive Buster sword!

ffvii - fusion

The legendary sword of the king, the Excalibur, has been a recurring weapon in many Final Fantasy games and has many different forms. Originally a legendary weapon pulled from the stone by king Arthur, in FF games it is typically the most powerful knights weapon that can be wielded, and typically doesn’t come easy. A holy weapon, it is the bane of all that is evil.

Strangely enough, one Final Fantasy character wields a weapon called Excalipoor that does exceedingly bad damage (typically 1 point). It looks like the Excalibur, but has nothing of the same performance!

Introduced in Final Fantasy 8, the gunblade was the weapon of choice for both our hero, Squall, and his nemesis, Seifer. The weapon itself doesn’t make much sense, as it doesn’t fire a projectile, but in-game the advantage is that your attack power can be slightly increased if you ‘pull the trigger’ at the right time during an attack. I know, doesn’t seem to make much sense, but the weapon itself is incredibly cool! The gunblade returned in Final Fantasy 13 and again in Final Fantasy 14 (not as a useable weapon).

Some of the villains of Final Fantasy 14 have different types of gun weapons including a gun-spear and a gun-hammer, along with gun-blades. Crazy!

The spear that pierced the side of Christ. The spear that pierced a god. The Spear of Destiny. Longinus is a weapon that has a historical following in the real world, as some believe it exists. Longinus is supposedly the name of the soldier who wielded the spear that pierced the side of Christ. In the Final Fantasy world the Longinus spear is among the top tier of polearm weapons and it appears in games starting from FF2 and on. It is considered, in several games, to be one of the legendary Zodiac weapons, of which there are 12. Polearms are the specialty weapon of Dragoons, and, personally, I think the FF14 version of the weapon is an incredibly beautiful and deadly design.


Well folks, that’s all for today! I will include more weapons in another post on another Friday at another time! Thanks for checking in!




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