Final Fantasy XV – Strike one

Reports are flying around the interwebs today that Final Fantasy XV will include downloadable content and that you can now purchase a “season pass” which will give you access to all DLC and extras.

Strike one. DLC sucks for RPG games of this type. MMORPGs, yes. Stand alone RPGs – god, no.

This doesn’t make me feel very good about the future of the Final Fantasy franchise.


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4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV – Strike one”

  1. Don’t knock it until you see it in action. Maybe those who couldn’t get the Masume blade from the pre order when it first came out would like to purchase it some time down the road. This has been a long project for the developers and I am sure they will be answering some important questions on their Q&A exclusive event on the 8th. Enjoy the story and nothing else. BTW MMORPG’s should be the last place a lot of DLC/Extra content should be, then its the game of who has the most money. Anyways here is my review so far of the movie Kingsglaive

    1. I have seen video of the game in action and I greatly approve! It looks incredible. My problem with the game, however, is twofold:

      1. I don’t want to see the whole franchise fail because so much time was put into graphics and gameplay in hopes that it would carry a weak story. My most favorite Final Fantasy (FF6) had pretty standard graphics for the time, but the story was unmatched!

      2. DLC for stand-alone RPGs doesn’t jive with me because its makes me feel like I am paying for an unfinished game. I understand MMORPGs will eventually have DLC to keep it fresh and introduce more story (I play FFXIV and I had no problem buying Heavensward) and games like shooters use DLC for map updates, game balancing etc., but stand-alone RPGs should be completed stories. The fact that SE is continuing to move toward DLC for stand alone FF games is troublesome to me.

      Of course, Final Fantasy is my ‘thing’. I gave up Star Wars, TMNT and pretty much every other vice, but kept FF because I have such great memories of playing it from the very first game! You can read more about it if you look through my blog for the posts “My History with Final Fantasy”. I would hate to see the franchise destroyed.

      1. I dont blame you one bit. You have love for the story which is truly what a rpg is supposed to be about. This game has been put back for many years to get it right. And a movie is coming out to support even more of the story. I’m sure great things are to come. I’m avid on ff7 and 3. I’ll definitely be checking into your page when I get off work later. And glad to see a fellow FF fan
        Cheers and to the best for the franchise.

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