Opera House Hijinks

In talking with someone earlier I was reminded of the opera scene from Final Fantasy VI. To me this is the greatest scene in all of gaming history! Not only is it an incredible endeavor for a game, but it is a great mix of emotions! Humor, drama, sadness. If you have time, watch this video clip of someone else playing through it.

A little bit of background information on the scene:
During the games adventure the protagonists must procure an airship, but the worlds only airship is owned by the legendary gambler known as Setzer. In order to draw him out the party puts one of their own, Celes, into a play at the opera house, hoping her beauty will cause Setzer (quite the ladies man) to show himself.

Celes, however, is not an actress. She was, in fact, a powerful general in the Empires military, but she turned against the Empire for various reasons. Along with her are the thief, Locke Cole and two other alternate party members. The heroes, thus far, have been harassed by a lecherous giant octopus named Ultros (what? it is a game, after all!). Intent on putting an end to the parties adventure, Ultros decides to smash Celes with a massive weight, only to have the remaining heroes thwart his evil plot. While confronting him atop the rafters they all slip and fall onto the stage, seemingly ruining the play. But, alas, the show must go on! And so it does as the party battles the massive cephalopod on stage, much to the enjoyment of the audience!

Had to include two different videos to get the whole thing. Enjoy!



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