My current obsession….

I guess I am jumping on this train as its leaving the station but lately I have become a bit obsessed with Disney Infinity figures. Its the art style of the characters that really draws me in – I love it! One of my most favorite Disney/Pixar movies is The Incredibles, and I have always had a love for the angular, sharp lines of the films ending credits. These figures are very reminiscent of that style and, since Disney is ditching Infinity I have found that all the figures are being clearance from stores like Walmart. I have amassed a small collection and am seeking to purchase a few more (sweet jeebus I need Ant-Man!). Its probably weird for a 40 year old man to be collecting Disney toys, but I really do love the design of these things! In the past I have collected Final Fantasy figures, but they tend to be hard to find (limited mostly to Ebay or online specialty stores) and can also get very, VERY expensive (a few hundred dollars for the older, more difficult to find figures). These are a cool alternative and, though they serve no purpose, they are fun and interesting. My wife, children and myself are low-key Disney fanatics, having visited the park six or seven times this year already, so its not too odd – is it?


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5 thoughts on “My current obsession….”

  1. disney’s ditching infinity?

    my first husband studied eisner in grad school in the late 80’s and kept up with the corp/financial aspects of the business. since we divorced, i haven’t kept up with it at all.

    growing up 1.5 hours away from D World, we went all the time … but that was before even epcot 😉

    my girls have never been to any disney park. sigh. perhaps someday 🙂

  2. Never been to a Disney park? Believe me when I say I feel sad for them. As much as I hate what Disney has become (they are big pushers of social justice and the pervert agenda) I love their history and still love some of the timeless stories and adventures. I don’t know that I will renew my annual pass next year (they are really making me angry with all the gay stuff as well as their horrid business practices), but I very much love going to the park in Anaheim.

    Yes, they are done with Infinity – and just before releasing some awesome looking Dr. Strange and Spider-Gwen figures! So bummed! As collectibles I doubt they will be worth anything in years to come, but as conversation pieces they are great! The Baloo figure I bought yesterday does a great job of capturing his attitude and I really do feel happy when looking at it simply because I love the character so much (also, that song wont get out of my head! Curse you Bill Murray!)! Ill probably build a shelf to put them on and keep them safe so I can show them/talk about them with the eventual grandkids. Who knows, Disney may not be around by the time they come of age.

    1. disney not be around?! wow … that’s a very odd thought.

      IF i wanted to cater to my dad and suck up to him (and pay for it; the cost would be sky-high), he would fly us all to orlando and let us stay in his disney time share and pay for all the park passes and food and everything. but, there’s a price to everything, and that’s a price i’m not willing to pay. thankfully, my girls aren’t either. i think one of my proudest moments was some months after their dad died, and we discovered he had bipassed a will and beneficiaried everything to his parents and brother, skipping his own children … why? to get back at me. and his parents held his money out as bait … and my girls walked away. as with my own dad, the money is quite substantial, significantly substantial. but my girls have learned the value of integrity, the ‘cost’ of money, and the ‘cost’ of acting like you care. they’ve also tried to bait them with paying for college expenses, but my girls have walked away from that, too. they know the cost to their integrity and character, and they’re not willing to pay it. i am so freakin proud of them!

      i think collecting stuff like that is fun … as long as you dust it yourself! ha! 🙂

      1. Yes, that cost sounds far too high, and I don’t blame you.

        Disney, as a company, is a monster now, owning Marvel, Star Wars and The Muppets in addition to its own massive catalog, but despite being a company powered by the adoration of children the world over it has made the decision to push the lesbian/gay agenda in many of its realms, and funds some awful TV shows. Both ABC and ABC Family are horrible channels that we avoid at all costs, as some of their programming is really bad. I’m sure Disney will continue to grow, but at some point something has to give and the bottom drop out. Perhaps a better thing to say is “Disney will not be around in the form we know and love anymore.”

      2. that is truly disappointing to hear 😦


        my dad remarried the same year i did, and he has insisted that we/i like his wife. i can’t stand her, and i told him once that i didn’t like her. he went nuts b/c she controls him, and she went nuts. my dad is a weak man … amazing he was so freakin successful in business, but he was. and they travel all over the world spending gobs of money. but she’s got him by the balls and he doesn’t breathe unless she says so … not that i’ve ever had much of a relationship with him, but it’s even worse now. i’m sure i’ve been cut out of his will, and that’s fine with me. my sisters have continued to cater to him, so i’m sure they’re still in. and my brother is also self-made and could care a less what he gets if anything – he travels all over the world, too. i like my brother and his wife (though we are very different), but he has turned into my dad in a lot of ways. they are both very selfish and self-centered. there have been those in our family who have truly needed, and neither has helped. i refuse to cater to people like that.

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