So earlier tonight I had another conversation with my aunt. In fact, I invited her to my home for dinner and discussion because I was really curious about some of the things she said to me last time we spoke (someone has taught her that fornication is not only an action but an attitude(???)). That being said, the whole conversation boiled down to this:

Modern Christians cannot handle the truth of the bible.

The bible is full of harsh truths and modern Christians just cannot handle hearing them without something to soften the blow. When the subject of a husbands authority came up I was once again told that my words, the words of the bible, were “fighting words”. FIGHTING WORDS? If a Christian cannot handle hearing the words of the bible verbatim without getting their hackles raised then how is the problem with me? Are modern Christians so squishy and weak that they cannot handle the truth of their God, the same God who slew nations, who warns us of eternal hell fire if we do not repent? Yes our God is a loving God. If he weren’t then He would have just let us go straight to hell or wiped us out from existence already. We certainly deserve it. But He demonstrated His love by sending His son to die in our place, allowing His blood to cover our sins and make us holy, thus fulfilling his wrath, not by letting us off the hook. The reaction of modern Christians tells me that either they are offended by the words because it exposes some of their own sins OR they are offended because they do not yet have wisdom to understand them OR (and this is most likely the case here) they have allowed an alternate reality to take place above the bible in their hearts and minds. I say this is probably the case because, as any red pill lurker will tell you, you cannot discuss red pill with those not yet ready to hear it – they will reject it because it goes against their reality. They cannot comprehend what you are saying in their minds because it goes against everything the know to be real.

Modern Christians have been raised to believe that God could NEVER want a woman to suffer in a bad relationship (the same God who allowed His son to go all the way to the cross for crimes He did not commit). They have been raised to believe that God delivered His word with cultural limitations (even though if you allow one cultural limitation over one line of scripture you have to allow them for ALL of scripture). They have been raised to believe that God will never stop pursuing you because of His endless love (though the bible specifically says that He gave some over to their own sinful desires, thus ENDING His perusal and placing the decision to repent and return to Him squarely on the shoulders of those committing the offense). And they have been raised to believe that Gods only lure is ENDLESS LOVE (despite the fact that Jesus said “Do not fear those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matt 10:28)). FEAR OF THE LORD is the beginning of wisdom. FEAR. The modern Christian will say that “fear” really means “awe”, but Jesus said – “Nope, you should seriously be afraid of my dad.”

The conversation included some of the most typical arguments against a husbands authority:

  • Husbands may have authority, but should NEVER bring it up.
  • Husbands have abused their authority for centuries (Really? Proof?).
  • Husbands have AUTHORITY but not CONTROL over their wives
  • A wife is still a person with feelings and wants and desires and husbands should be helping them develop those things.
  • A husband abuses his wife by not making her feel like she is loved, by not explaining every little thing or by having sex simply to enjoy himself and without concern for his wife (even if its only every once in a while).
  • Husbands who haven’t shown they can be trustworthy shouldn’t expect obedience from their wives.
  • Wives are human too and husbands can’t expect unquestioning obedience all the time (this one I agree with)

It also included some of the most typical “problems” with husbands, Christian or not:

  • Husbands don’t attend to their wives feelings enough.
  • Husbands don’t open up to their wives enough for their wives emotional needs to be met.
  • Husbands should be loving their wives as Christ loves the church. Not by administering authority but by seeing wives as imperfect people and allowing them to make mistakes and suffer the consequences. (forget the fact that listening to your husband could save you the trouble of learning a lesson that didn’t need to be learned, or the fact that the lesson that WONT be learned is “next time listen to your husband”.)
  • Husbands need to have an unconditional love for their wives as God has unconditional love for us. (true, except that God has CONDITIONAL affection for us, meaning when we are disobedient He still LOVES US, but He also warns us that we will suffer if we continue to remain so.)

Between my aunt and my father I am thoroughly convinced that our country is doomed. Both of them have been some of the strongest Christians I know, but now, I’m not sure. The word of God is beautiful, but not soft. It is a stark reminder that we are all sinners and have fallen short of the mark, yet God, in His mercy, made a way for us.

She insisted that we needed to study the bible deeper and that we cannot just see it in black and white. We need to consider the culture of the time and fit that in there, along with some other things.

Sorry, but if I drop this bible in the jungle and someone finds it and is able to read it, that is all they need to come to Christ. That is all they need to find out who our God is, what He loves, what He hates and what He has done for us. They don’t need any additional study guides, they don’t need any additional work books – the bible can stand alone.

Just not here in America.