Final Fantasy Friday III

Here’s a little diddy off of the F.F. Mix album: Friends Beats. It’s a funky little tune that falls in line with Final Fantasy V. The album itself is a mix of catchy remixes of some of the FF songs of the time as well as some unreleased tracks that could have been in previous games (FFI – VI).

Aw heck, I may as well include a couple of other tracks, since this is really a great little album. Stuff like this is why I have been a lifelong fan of SquareEnix (even though, back during this era it was just Squaresoft).

Tina (New View Snow Remix)
If you are a fan of FFVI then you will recognize this tune. It’s definitely more upbeat than the original.

Mambo de Chocobo.
Oh chocobo, how I love you. If they could genetically create a giant chicken capable of carrying a man (or elf, or galka, etc, etc) I would save everything I had to buy one. In the meantime enjoy this snazzy mambo remix of the beloved chocobo theme.


Author: SnapperTrx

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