A word to gamers – avoid the internet.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s we had these cool things called magazines. There were all kinds back then. If you go to the grocery store you can sometimes find an isle of these ancient manuscripts on topics ranging from how to properly put on makeup to building a new home for your chickens. Some of these fabled tomes even contained information on video games. Tips, tricks, tutorials and, often times, previews of games to come. I remember, in the days of my youth, flipping through such a book and drooling, slightly, at the information and images on the upcoming Final Fantasy VI. It was glorious, but also a curse! Why? Because I had to wait. Wait to see if the next tome, which appeared monthly, would contain any more information the game, wait for the game to release, wait for it to get to my house from the mail-order game store that carried it. The proceeding issues may not have anything new beyond advertisements, and the wait for the games release and arrival were totally worth it.

Most of you will never understand what I am talking about.

To date I have done well to avoid reading much information about Final Fantasy XV. I have some general knowledge of it, but I have chosen to avoid any of the recent developments or info coming from gaming shows, and for good reason. Sit back, dear reader, and let me recount to you a tale of betrayal and despair.

In the early 90’s I worked for a small company in my town as a data entry clerk. It was a tedious job made less so by the constant playing of game music, which I piped into my head via my earphones all day, every day. It was during my stint at this job that I purchased a Sony PlayStation, and was eagerly awaiting the release of Final Fantasy VII. I had been reading up on it through various game magazines for some time, but I had also been starting to use the internet much more, and so I eventually started looking for info on the game there.

Now, the game was already out in Japan, and us gamers in the states were merely waiting for it to make its way to US shores. This meant, of course, that there was plenty of information floating around online for people to look at, and that meant spoilers.

It started with images, then music (ah, mod file, I knew you well!), and then onto videos of the games cut scenes. Pretty soon I knew the whole game before I even purchased it.

I played the game, but already knew everything that was going to happen. It was an enjoyable play through, but likely not what it could have been had I not cursed myself by reading all about it online first.

I regret it to this day.

I have done my best to avoid FFXV information like the plague, but it is getting more and more difficult. Every day I see my Facebook, Bing and news feeds full of FFXV stuff. Fortunately memories of the preceeding story have made it easy for me to avoid any deep reading, as I do not want to suffer the issues of the past.

In the modern day and age news hits someone’s ears and is online within minutes. Maybe one of the reasons the gaming industry is suffering is because there’s no magic anymore. We know all about games before they even hit the shelves. Developers know this and they pump out all kinds of media in the forms of videos, music releases and tons of images. By the time we get the game, who cares. Its not new anymore. Even the story isn’t new, as we can typically piece together things before we start playing.

If you love games, avoid the internet. And since you cant avoid the internet, do yourself a favor and avoid reading anything about your favorite upcoming releases beyond the actual release date and some general information. You will be doing yourself a great favor, and experiencing something that is slowly dying: surprise.


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

5 thoughts on “A word to gamers – avoid the internet.”

  1. I feel like I do this with anticipated movies and ruin the eventual product for me by knowing too much about it. I’m keeping in the dark about Suicide Squad! Also, I miss Nintendo Power.

    1. Ha! I wrote this post precisely because of FFXV and Suicide Squad. My FB feed for Comicbook.com seems to post so much SS info I feel like I could practically watch the whole movie or, at minimum, figure out the whole plot based on how many posts they make a day.

      Yes, Nintendo Power. I still have a couple of issues, and that’s where I first started reading about FF6 when it was getting ready to head stateside.

      I have never recovered from my FF7 issue. I avoid game info like the plague for that single reason. It bummed me out at the time – a lot.

      1. I ruined a lot of BvS for myself in this way, though most of that is trailers at fault. But I refuse to let Suicide Squad be ruined.
        What happened with the FF7 issue?

      2. Its in the post. I collected every bit of info about the game via the internet before it was even out in the states (it release in Japan first). By the time I got the game I had already heard every song in the soundtrack and seen every summon and every cutscene. I played it, but was shocked by nothing. I promised myself I would never do that again.

        When I played through FF4 (FF2 here in the states) I had read NOTHING about it. I bought it simply because I loved the original Final Fantasy. I have such good memories of that game because some of the events blew my mind and were honest shock moments! I doubt this is a spoiler to anyone now, but I remember the night my best friend and I were in my garage playing the multiplayer mode in FF2. When Golbez reveals he is really Cecils brother that was it. Our jaws hit the floor. We honestly just stared at each other slack-jawed for a good minute or two before we started yelling at the TV! “NO WAY! CANT BE! KILL HIM ANYWAY!”! We woke the neighbors because it was probably around 2 in the morning.

        I experienced the same feeling when Kefka destroyed the planet in FF6. I had read some info on it in NP, but didn’t have access to tons of info like we do now.

        I will never read anything beyond basic information for a Final Fantasy title ever again. Its the only series I play now, as I am getting old and don’t have much time to play anything, but I wont let myself ruin another game.

      3. BTW: Totally jealous of your blog name. I love Red mages. I played one for about 7 years in FF11. Red Mage/Ninja. Absolutely wonderful!

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