I have made a password protected post that contains some background information on myself and why I post some of the things I post. If you are interested you may request the password. If I do not respond with the password then I am not comfortable with you reading it. No offense, but the post contains very personal background information and insights.


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

8 thoughts on “Protected”

      1. when we leave comments, we have to leave an email address. go into your WP Admin by hovering over “My Sites” in the upper left hand corner. in dashboard, go to Comments. each comment will list the person’s info they gave when they posted the comment, including whatever email address they used.

      1. idk why … but the first email you sent yesterday didn’t come in till today … weird.

        and a rude awakening … we are so used to ‘instant’ that we forget people used to have to either call long distance or physically hand write a letter and post it in the mail 🙂

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