Kefka in Dissidia Arcade!

Yesssss! Looks like SE are adding Kefka to Dissidia arcade soon! Kefka was a GREAT character in the previous incarnations of Dissidia because he was just such a wacky character. His attacks were very screwy and unpredictable, just like his mental state.

If you have never played Dissidia I highly recommend it. I would equate it to Smash Bros. for Final Fantasy characters. Despite it’s very simple moves list (most attacks consist of pushing a button alone or in combination with up/down) it is a very, VERY in-depth fighter, though it could be a little unbalanced at times. Perhaps I will do a little review of the older games. I have yet to play Arcade, as it is only available in Japan, if I remember right. Perhaps I will ask my friend to play a few games and give me an overview of it. In the meantime, enjoy the madness.



Author: SnapperTrx

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