Sword #62

Finally got this guy finished. I really like it! It’s very light (should be, it has no center) and fast and can easily be used both single or double handed. It isn’t really up to snuff with my typical builds because I had to rush to finish it. My buyer backed out so I thought I would give it to my wife’s nephew. I didn’t have red/yellow paint, like the original image called for, but I think I did pretty good in the blue/silver.

Sword #62


Unfortunately my sword-selling business isn’t working out as well as I had hoped it would, as I haven’t sold a single thing through my Facebook shop at all. It’s a little disappointing, but I’m starting to think that this kind of thing might be best sold at craft fairs and such. I don’t know. I might try and hit some of the nearby parks, where various peoples are enjoying the nice, but hot weather. Perhaps I can entice some young adventurers in need of new arms.


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6 thoughts on “Sword #62”

      1. Ha ha! If you equate anything in Final Fantasy or anime with practicality you be into the wrong genre! NOTHING in anime is practical, from the massive swords to the skimpy armor worn by every warrior woman (or the massive, sweeping capes on men)! Practical, likely not. Super cool, BINGO! I don’t think a lot of people understand the exhilaration of swinging around a giant weapon. I talked to the kid who bought my Smelter sword a couple of weeks after he bought it and he told me he just couldn’t get enough of just taking it outside and swinging it around. It really is an awesome feeling! That’s the kind of feeling I want to get out there to young boys! Once you get that feeling you don’t want to stop! It makes you want to go outside and do something physical, instead of sitting on your butt all day watching TV or playing games. I think it activates something primal and visceral deep inside men. Or, maybe I’m just trying to pitch my swords….

      2. Maybe a little of Column A and a little from Column B.

        No coincidence the game is Final _Fantasy_ of course. I’ve never thought much of swinging a sword around, to be honest.

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