As I look over some of the delectable artwork by Playboy contributor Dean Yeagle (no, I don’t read it, not even for the articles, but have seen Yeagle’s artwork elsewhere) I can’t help but smile at some of the cute and innocent images he draws of his signature character, Mandy.

Mandy is just about every mans dream. Now most of you might look at her and say, “Well, yeah – LOOK at her! What guy wouldn’t drool over that?”, but I would argue that Mandy’s looks are only 50% of her appeal (okay, maybe 60-70%). The rest is in the sheer joy in her face and body language! In every picture I have seen of her she is either smiling or has a ‘pouty face’ look that makes me smile. I especially love these two pictures of her dancing with her dog (as I am writing this ELO’s Don’t Bring Me Down is playing, rather appropriate, actually).

If you want a good husband, one that cant get enough of you, get Mandy-cized! If not in body, then in attitude! A woman with a bright and bubbly attitude is a joy to a man and he looks forward to seeing her every day. She is always on his mind.