Want a husband? Get Mandy-cized!

As I look over some of the delectable artwork by Playboy contributor Dean Yeagle (no, I don’t read it, not even for the articles, but have seen Yeagle’s artwork elsewhere) I can’t help but smile at some of the cute and innocent images he draws of his signature character, Mandy.

Mandy is just about every mans dream. Now most of you might look at her and say, “Well, yeah – LOOK at her! What guy wouldn’t drool over that?”, but I would argue that Mandy’s looks are only 50% of her appeal (okay, maybe 60-70%). The rest is in the sheer joy in her face and body language! In every picture I have seen of her she is either smiling or has a ‘pouty face’ look that makes me smile. I especially love these two pictures of her dancing with her dog (as I am writing this ELO’s Don’t Bring Me Down is playing, rather appropriate, actually).

If you want a good husband, one that cant get enough of you, get Mandy-cized! If not in body, then in attitude! A woman with a bright and bubbly attitude is a joy to a man and he looks forward to seeing her every day. She is always on his mind.


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18 thoughts on “Want a husband? Get Mandy-cized!”

  1. i’d have to wear an apron w/her body pictured on it to have one like that!

    but … i can (and do) have the smile and am very good with a pouty face – pouty face doesn’t work on my girls, but it does on my husband 🙂 … so, i guess i’ve got 30% that’s real and 70% that’s fake! hahaha!

    1. Well, that’s assuming my 60-70% is correct. If its more along the lines of 50% then you are halfway there! And remember, the physical part is totally subjective based on your husband, so for all you know your right there at 100!

      I’m sure, despite the humor, you get the point, though. I only hope that other women would get it as well. It means more than they might think.

      1. 🙂

        i do see the humor … and i also totally agree with you..”

        my husband would say … well, wait just a minute .. let me go ask!

        okay … i’m back … so i read him your post and showed him the pics and asked him where i was:

        “Okay, well what do I need to do to get to 100%?”
        “Well, you know, you’ve gotta leave a little room for improvement!”
        “So, what do you want me to improve so I can be 100%?”
        -and then i flashed him-
        “Well, hell! I guess you are 100%!”


        i’m not … but if he’s happy, that’ good enough for me 🙂

  2. What an awesome post! I find that I can be the most pleasing when I act more childlike and with spontaneity.

    Today, I added a fun little ribbon to my hair (to go along with my dress and heels he helped select me to wear to help at VBS at church, He loved it! It really is the small things. Jamie.

    1. I think the majority of men find a woman pleasing when she acts a little child like. Notice I said ‘a little’. I don’t think full time would be acceptable, but there are certainly times where it is cute and sexy. I was looking over some hypnosis web sites and I found one that offered hypnosis for ‘bimbo-ism’ (their word, not mine) and I started thinking how great it would be if, sometimes, women just stopped over thinking some things and just went with the program. In fact, I had a conversation with my wife about this a few days ago. I told her to stop thinking about stuff so much and she argued that over-thinking was “how God made her” and if I “didn’t like her that way”. My response? “YOU don’t like you that way! Your always complaining about how you cant sleep because you think too much. Your sad because you think too much. You cry because you think too much! Stop over-thinking and just be.” Unfortunately, for some women, over-thinking makes them over-critical and over-emotional and just a big mess. Be a kid for a while. Let your hair down. Dance a little, and have fun. It does a body good.

      1. I realize that Bimbo-ism could have a negative connotation. But, I identify with it in some ways. If one means that our husbands shield us from current events, feminist teachings, improper female role models that make us seem out of touch with the rest of the world.

        He has never allowed me to read the paper or watch news, and has always monitored what I look at on the internet. So, there have been many times when we go to his company functions that I am sitting with a table of his female work colleagues. And I have no idea what they are talking about. none (topic is politics, etc) So, I probably seem like a bimbo—or when I am sitting there and they are all in slacks or suits, and I am in a feminine print dress. I stand out visually and practically, probably as a bimbo?

        We should be set apart. I admit I struggle with the self confidence to do that at times, but I try.

      2. The key is that you recognize he is shielding you from things that are really not important to your job (you are a sahm, yes?) and could otherwise cause you un-needed worry. Though I know the term ‘bimbo’ is somewhat derogatory (unless you are talking about Mexican bread), I can see its merit in a marriage. The typical ‘bimbo’ doesn’t argue about politics or points of view, she just wants to be treated nice, kissed on and spoiled a little. A man can spend some time losing himself in that for a while.

      3. I am a SAHM. And I agree that our role is to create a home for him, which means that we do not argue or bring up subjects that cause stress, if we can possibly help it. This may sound controversial but I advise the women I counsel to often speak only when spoken to. Allow him to set the mood and conversation topic. It is amazing how different we are when we stand there in a pretty dress, retouched makeup, impractical stilettos, and ask if he needs anything.

        A local college girl that I disciple has employed this technique with her boyfriend. The relationship has quickly gone from no strings attached boyfriend/girlfriend to fiances, because he wants someone like her, to come home to every night.

      4. I had a thought/question. If a husband/fiance/or boyfriend requests that we change our appearance (hair, plastic surgery, tattoo, permanent high heeled arches, etc) would you see that as a Godly command, since it comes from the man? I guess it would take your post on dressing and acting in a way to please to the next step.

      5. It wasn’t so much a post about ‘pleasing’ as it was about ‘just being pleasant’, a pre-emptive strike, so to speak. Not so much a ‘your husband wants you to be pleasant’ so much as a ‘be pleasant and your husband will love you for it’.

        As to your question I would say that if it is your HUSBAND, who’s authority you are under (not fiancé or boyfriend, who have no authority) then if he commands his wife to wear something then she should obey, assuming its not offensive for the occasion. I don’t think it would be appropriate for a wife to wear lingerie out in public just because her husband told her to (but I see nothing wrong with him telling her to put something on underneath her clothing). Not only would it be illegal (public nudity?), but likely runs afoul of something biblical (to be exposed in public like that). Typically, though, I don’t think most husbands care what their wives are wearing (not all, some men are very particular), but will lend a little input if asked. I think a little of it is just knowing WHAT your husband likes. For example, when my wife and I go to the beach in the summer I like her to wear her tube tops because she is built for it and I like to see her neck and shoulders. Sometimes I ask her to wear them, sometimes she asks me which one she should wear and some times it doesn’t matter to either one of us. I don’t see the need to outright COMMAND her to wear them. If your husband TELLS you to wear something then wear it if it wont run afoul of the law, but I don’t see this happening very often in a Christian marriage.

        Where I am not certain is the question regarding body modifications or medical procedures. Its one thing for a husband to say ‘I like bigger boobs, what do you think about breast enhancement’ but another thing for him to say ‘Your going under the knife because I said so’. I know there are some who say that the authority granted by God gives husbands TOTAL authority over their wives, but there is something unsettling about forced, unnecessary surgery that seems wrong to me. I would need to think that one over a bit more. Any time you go into surgery like that you are inherently putting your body at risk for something to go wrong. Infection, botched procedures, etc. may not happen often, but they do happen. Also if a wife didn’t want to go I could see this maybe falling under ‘masters do not treat your servants harshly’. Its not like your asking them to perform a task, your asking them to suffer bodily harm (even if it is in the form of a controlled surgery). Also, Christian husbands should be understanding and loving towards their wives and should recognize if she has an issue with such a request (ie: fear of surgery or just flat out not interested). Either way, if she has a problem then a wife should respectfully present that problem to her husband and maybe ask if there was another way to achieve the goal. Temporary tattoos are cool and can even be changed often so as to add variety. Exercise and proper diet can make a big difference in body shape where maybe surgery would achieve the same goal faster, but the same goal could be achieved without it.

        I want to emphasize, though, that all this applies only towards HUSBANDS, to whom authority is granted and, in no way, applies towards boyfriends or even fiances, who do not yet have authority over a woman. Personally I think the whole ‘boyfriend’ thing is a load of crap and a problem of its own, but that’s a post for another time.

        Just my two cents.

  3. So well written, Snapper.

    I think, like in every other area, if a husband has to pull out the “I am the husband…just do it” card, then he has already lost his authority. I depend on my husband to guide me to the right decisions through scripture, through long conversation.

    Yes, are there some preferences that he has for me that at times are uncomfortable or awkward (clothing and heel preferences) But those are such small areas in the entire context of who we are that I gladly submit to him to please him.

    I personally have had a tattoo done, at his encouragement. But, that represented over 20 years of trust and was not forced. I got over my initial resistance and did it, primarily to honor him.

    Thanks for your blog

    1. I think there is an error in saying that the husband has “already lost his authority” if he has to bring it up. That was one of the things my aunt was telling me and something that a lot of Christians believe: a husband has authority, but he should never mention it! I believe most husbands actually DONT WANT TO MENTION IT, but feel the need to when their wives are being rebellious. There’s really no need to otherwise. It doesn’t benefit a husband to constantly remind his wife, particularly since the wife, being human, would get irritated by it and that would probably lead to her being rebellious! I would think that a reminder about who the authority is would be the first step to REGAINING control, but it only works if the wife accepts her husband as the authority and is willing to submit to both him and God when he reminds her. If she refused then he would have to move on to a disciplinary ACTION. That, however, is outside of my scope of discussion and I always refer people back to BiblicalGenderRoles for a good article on disciplining ones wife.

    1. Really glad you discovered it! If I only had a handful of posts I could present to a married woman on how to fix her sex life and be happier this is one of the ones I would pick. The key, however, is overcoming the self conscious looks issue. Yeah, few women look like “Mandy” does, but the attitude will make a massive difference, even more than most women realize. That kind of ties in with my other post: Enthusiasm goes a long, long way, and it can be faked very, very well. Its not solely dependent on looks.

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