The past couple of weeks have been very disheartening for me, as I have been struggling with several different issues.

  1. My own father told me flat out that men are the problem with the country today, and that we shouldn’t expect women to just submit to their husbands. If a woman knows she is right about something then she has every right to be disobedient (???). He also accused me of thinking women are beneath me – I do not.
  2. I informed my wife that I do not want her seeking counselling with a female clinical psychologist who carries around the title of “pastor”, and has a psychology degree, but would rather have her seek counselling from an older woman of the church. She informed me she was going to do whatever she wanted.
  3. Because of the issue with my wife I believe the pastor of our church hand picked a message on not suppressing the spirit of God by allowing others to use the gifts God gave them (despite the fact that the bible has a specific restriction on certain things like women pastors or people speaking in tongues without a translator – see 1 Corinthians 14)
  4. Because of the issue with the church I believe the head pastor wants to meet with me “for a soda”, but really with the intent of bringing me back onto the reservation. He said he would call me some time this week, but I don’t know.
  5. Because of issues with my daughter and her boyfriend my wife now thinks she needs to butt into their business like a wrecking ball, but when I informed her that I was already going to handle the situation, hopefully with a bit more finesse, I was told that she was going to do what she wanted anyway, and that she cannot trust me to tell our daughter what needs to be said.

Through all this there is no one  I can reliably turn to for prayer or advice. You see, even Christian men have been tangled up in the web of feminism, so much so that women’s feelings have taken precedence over scripture. I cannot even bring up the word ‘submit’ without the knee jerk reaction of Christian white knights, who run to the forefront of a mock battle to spread equality through a bible that does not indicate equality. Equal worth, yes, in the eyes of God, but equal authority – not by a long shot.

They say men die sooner than women, for a number of different reasons. They work harder, they play harder, they abuse their bodies much more. Perhaps, another reason, is we just give up sooner. Better to be home with Jesus than to continue struggling against a wife who is a hindrance rather than a help. Against children who are ungrateful and bring shame (not speaking about my own kids). Against a state and a world that does everything to take away what you have grown, what you have built and what you have earned. I have recounted the situation of my wife’s grandpa before – how he was once a tough scrapper, one of the old school hardened men, and how now he is a small and weak man, teetering on the edge of death, but more than ready to go. His wife is overbearing and controls every aspect of their lives, even barring his home nurse from coming into the house and checking on him. I cant help but think this woman, whom he once loved and adored, but who is now a nagging harpy, is one of the main reasons he calmly waits for death. If she was the sweet and loving thing she was back in the day, he might struggle to hold on. To spend one more day with his love – but he knows that woman is gone.

I’m starting to understand how that feels.