The Problem….

…with being a rebellious woman is that if your man ever catches on he is either going to treat you very harshly to get you to fall into place or leave you stranded while he finds someone else. There may be a period of time where he is confused while he is coming to realize the truth, but eventually the pot will boil over, and he will either make you want to leave by becoming an un-moveable object (unless you change) or will leave himself, cutting off his right hand to save his body, no matter the cost.

Unfortunately for most men, they never leave the matrix.


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

One thought on “The Problem….”

  1. when my youngest was still a baby, and my oldest was 2, I went to a counselor and told her, “I don’t want to be told to get a divorce. I want to know how to live with him.”

    she taught me how to change the dance.

    we get into a rhythm together … a dance. we learn it well and anticipate each other’s moves. but when one changes a move, the other is forced to change theirs.

    when I stopped playing his games, when I stopped playing victim to his abuse, when I stopped responding to his moves as anticipated, he could choose to change or leave. he chose to leave. twas a very, very sad day.

    learning not to play the game, learning not to be a victim to abuse, learning to leave the matrix, is bitter sweet, indeed.

    and I don’t know how to emphasize enough … to be honest enough … to tell the truth enough … but divorce is terrible. horrible. tragic. devastating. it doesn’t get better; it actually gets worse over time. once one eats of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of the good and evil of divorce, one can never not know the evil again. the innocence is gone for forever.

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