A Lesson In Modern Women

Today I headed home for lunch and my mother in law, who is in town for a visit, was watching Rachael Ray on the TV. I don’t watch the show, but I am familiar with who she is and, since my wife watches it on occasion, I am familiar with her show. It consists of typical woman-fare: cooking, interviews with good looking but gay men, how to improve your profile on dating sites – all stuff men should ignore. One exchange, however, caught my attention and I thought it was a good lesson for men on how modern women are being programmed to think.

Toward the end of the show Mrs. Ray was taking phone calls from viewers or listeners, I don’t know, in an attempt to help them solve some common problems with food and life in general, I guess, when the first caller mentioned something about her husband and how he liked to do things. Now I wasn’t sure I heard Mrs. Ray correctly in her response so I came back and rewound the exchange and asked my mother in law if Mrs. Ray had said what I thought she said. After rewinding some amount my MIL told me to watch the look in Rachael’s eyes when the lady mentioned her husband – how the lit up and changed – and they did! Her response to the caller was basically “…if your husband has any care about you and him sleeping in the same bed any time soon then he will shut up when you do things your way…”.

Yes. That’s right. If your husband has a preference that goes against yours weaponize sex and bring him down.

Naturally the audience cheered, whooped and hollered, as this gave them the go-girl shot of the day they needed to keep them going until bedtime, and also inoculate them against the sickness of caring for their husbands.

It was surprising to me how quickly Mrs. Ray turned a question about planning into an attack against another woman’s husband whom she has never met and knows nothing about.

They don’t call a TV show a ‘program’ just because.


Author: SnapperTrx

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5 thoughts on “A Lesson In Modern Women”

  1. I often wonder just how empty your life has to be that you’d be willing to take advice from someone on TV, a medium that flaunts it’s inability to create anything meaningful.

    1. Its not so much that people ‘take advice’ from someone on TV so much that TV is intended to shape peoples thinking, whether they want it to or not. That’s why advertising works and why corporations pay out the nose for it. A simple thing can cause a huge change in the way people think. Look at how movies and tv shows have shaped and changed the country’s views on issues that, in the past, were offensive, but are now commonplace, or even championed! It really is called “tv programming” for a reason, and the tendency for people to watch hours and hours of it makes it that much more effective.

    1. She wasn’t surprised that she jumped on the opportunity to rebel, as it doesn’t appear that she’s a Christian, but she was shocked at how her face lit up when she found an opportunity to speak out against a man. I expect as much from worldly women (and most Christian ones too). Its a natural reaction and it gives them a rush to feel the opportunity to “get one over” on those horrible, horrible men.

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