No. 62

So the guy who bought my Smelter sword asked if I could make him another wooden weapon, since he can only swing that beast around for about 10 minutes before he gets tired. His cousin actually bought the Dark Repulsor, and the two have been mock battling.

NOTE: I do not condone mock battles with my wooden weapons, particularly not the ones made of poplar. Red oak, maybe, but poplar – no. It’s not a super strong wood and it can/will eventually break. That being said, I know what people do with these things, and if someone chooses to use them in this manner I cannot say I endorse it.

Anyhow, he has asked me to make a sword similar to the one in this picture marked 62. It seems easy enough, but he has also asked me to remove the sharp points near the handle so he doesn’t stab himself while swinging it around.


So far things seem like they will be doable, though due to the weird issues I have with my band saw I am going to cut all these edges with my router and some straight edges, then round off what I can with the drum sander. I may not even go that far, as the angular look may be cool enough to just leave it that way. I will try my best to give it a paint job similar to the one in the image, but my previous paint jobs have been less than stellar (but, at minimum, adequate).

WP_20160605_13_36_22_Pro (2)

On another note I finished a bunch of small wooden swords (very ‘Zelda-esqe’, its dangerous to go alone, you know) which I am selling on my Facebook Page if anyone would be interested.



Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

2 thoughts on “No. 62”

  1. That’s pretty cool. I have near-zero ability to cut wood in a straight line, and I couldn’t tell you the difference between a mitre cut or a rabbet cut.

    Which just gives me more appreciation for people who can do that sort of thing.

    1. Ha ha! Thanks! I cant tell you all the intricacies of woodworking either, I just know I spend too much time behind my keyboard and need some time away. I like fantasy, I like swords, I like wood. Put them all together and I get a somewhat enjoyable hobby (the heat can make it miserable, but I still feel the need to go out and do it).

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