Final Fantasy Friday I

This preview from the upcoming Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive movie looks incredible. I hope the game lives up to the hype. I would hate to see the story sacrificed on the altar of incredible graphics, which has been the death knell of many a game.


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4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Friday I”

  1. I’ve resigned myself to not playing this one (for a while, if at all). I just don’t make the time for games like I used to (when I was single, really). I let my Xbox Gold subscription go this year because I just wasn’t using it.

    And as the Final Fantasy series has become more action RPG in its game play, I find it harder to enjoy. I liked being able to play without having to memorize combo sequences.

    That said, I really hope this does well. The franchise has put up with a lot of undeserved bashing over the last 16 years (and some well-deserved criticism, too, of course).

    1. Yes, its been a rough few years. I’m going through FF13 right now on my PC, and I probably wont play 15 for a long time unless it comes to Steam. Check out my posts ‘My History with Final Fantasy’ for my feelings on the series in general, as well as the future (if any).

      That being said, it is still my favorite franchise. I abandoned Star Wars and a few others for various reasons, but I cant give up FF.

      With my kids having grown up and starting to take on lives of their own, I find myself with a bit more time. Between work and sword-building, I find time to play.

      1. I have been reading your FF Histories, actually. I’ve only ever “followed” two franchises: Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy.

        I liked Tomb Raider’s puzzles, but always struggled the more coordinated you had to be to get through some levels.

        What I liked about the gameplay in the FF series is how I could take the time to decide what I needed to do. X and XII (gambits) had awesome battle systems (XII is probably my favorite game of the series).

        I only plan on not playing XV because I don’t plan on buying an Xbox One any time soon. It’s just not something we need.

      2. Yes, that’s probably the main reason why I wouldn’t play XV is that I don’t have one of the two systems needed to play it. I still have one son at home, though, and I want to buy him a PS4 so he can play FF14 with me, and also because he’s the last kid in the house.

        I played Tomb Raider for a while, but never really got into it. I had been looking at some of the stuff they have done to the series recently though and may end up playing the newer games to see if they are any good.

        Really want to play Just Cause 3, though, because blowing stuff up a thousand different ways is fun!

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