So fathers day is quickly approaching so I thought I would throw this out there for blog visitors. I own some of these items already, but since everyone who has visited my blog more than once knows I’m a sucker for a hot tool I’ll point out a few of the cooler things I have seen in the past few months.

Disclaimer: These are not really endorsements of any kind. No one is paying me to plug their product (yet, anyway!), but if I see some sweet gear I think another guy would like I will point it out.

  1. Ryobi Ultra-Quite Garage Door Opener

    This thing looks like a beast! Most people have a garage door opener, but how many people have one that you can plug cool stuff into like an extension cord, Bluetooth speaker or parking assist laser! LASERS PEOPLE! Not only that but you can control it via the app on your phone (iPhone or Android – go figure. Us WinPhone users left in the cold again…) AND, by plugging in a Ryobi portable battery you can use it up to 100 times if your power goes out in your home! You can buy this guy from Home Depot. Its a little pricey and modules aren’t very cheap, but I can see this being useful for its entire life.

  2. Black and Decker Matrix Quick Connect System

    AKA: Craftsman Bolt-On System, this awesome tool takes the power of your standard 20 volt drill driver and adds a swappable tool set that GREATLY increases its versatility! With the ability to pull of the drill motor and add a detail sander, oscillating tool, router, jig saw, trim saw, air compressor, hedge trimmer and MORE it becomes an invaluable asset to the DIY or home improvement buff! The 20 volt lithium ion batteries have good power and, in a pinch, have a quick charge feature that can restore a lot of power in just 10 minutes. I own three batteries and I have never been without power. The nice thing is that both the Craftsman and B&D tools are the EXACT SAME, and both sets of attachments fit both drill motors. This really comes in handy when you find attachments on sale for half price at the local hardware store! You can buy the Craftsman tools at your local Sears store or you can buy this nifty set of the Black & Decker Matrix base with 5 attachments from The Home Depot.

  3. Kreg Jigs

    Holy smokes these things are awesome! Pocket hole joints are beautiful. Strong, easy to hide and fun to make, they are a furniture makers friend. As far as I know Kreg makes the most durable and easy to use pocket hole jigs out there. They can get expensive, but a good, useable jig can be had for around 40$ (plus the cost of  a clamp). If your man likes making tables, stools, benches, cabinets or cupboards you cant go wrong with one of these! Kreg also makes a ton of other great and innovative tools which you can view at their website,

  4. New Nintendo 3Ds XL

    Ages 10-Teen my eye! If your man is an old school gamer like me you cant go wrong with the 3Ds XL. Gaming on the go has always been a must for me, ever since the old Gameboy came out, and the 3Ds XL does not disappoint. Its large for big hands, it has bright and crisp screens and a large library of games, new and old! The 3d feature can be turned on and off (it doesn’t work for everyone) and if your man gets tired of playing games while you visit with your mother he can always watch Netflix or Hulu. Yeah the screen is small, but while other husbands are staring into space or wondering when his father in law is going to get rid of the wallpaper with guys hunting ducks on it YOURS will be the envy of all as he watches his favorite show. If you decide to buy one of these make sure you know his favorite color, and pick up a good sized memory card while your at it!

Well that’s it. A few of my favorite things. I already own the 3Ds XL and the Craftsman Bolt-On and I can attest to the usefulness of both! The jig is on its way (got to put together a farmhouse table for the dining room) and the garage door opener will happen if I can sell more swords! Keep in touch, people!