Rod Stewart mood.

Don’t know why, but I have been on a Rod Stewart trip lately. Enjoy some great, great, GREAT rock songs. If these don’t get your mojo workin’, check your pulse. Sex, guitars, and one hell of a voice!

Check the hair and clothes on these old school rockers! And that babe…WHAT?! I’m also sure that riding on a truck like that is highly illegal!

Holy crap! Is this not the sexiest bassline you ever heard? This is such a great song! Put it on the Hi Fi, turn down the lights…..

So this one is when Rod Stewart was with Faces. This song not only rocks, but it speaks quite a bit. If your a guy you have probably felt this at some point in your life. Wife, girlfriend – every guy has lost a woman at some point.

So this last one is not what at all a sexy song, but I remember when it first hit the radio, hearing it on the school bus on my way to school. I had heard plenty of Rod Stewart songs in the past, but wasn’t really familiar with him. This song, however, stuck out.


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