I have always been a fan of anime, but haven’t really watched any for a number of years. Recently, thanks to Netflix, I started watching a goofy series called Rosario + Vampire. It is pure fan service (If your not familiar with the term, it basically means it features a lot of cleavage and panty shots, but no outright nudity). The show definitely has a ‘cheeky’ attitude (no pun intended, but take it if you want it) and is pretty light hearted and fun.

mokaThe show centers around a young guy named Tsukune (skoon-A) who, unfortunately gets registered at a school for monsters. The monsters must remain in human form while on campus, so he is able to keep himself hidden, as humans would normally be killed or eaten. Along the way he meets a young vampire girl named Moka who enjoys sucking the blood from his neck (it’s cute, trust me), and eventually falls for him romantically.

It sounds weird (and it is), but the premise of the show (aside from the tiny school girl outfits) is that there is typically some antagonist that wants to either harass the girls (a peeping-tom), date the girls (who don’t want to date for reasons discussed below) or kill Tsukune (for the same reasons discussed below) who ends up revealing their monster form and beating everyone up until Moka’s vampire power is released (her power was sealed by a rosary around her neck, but is unleased if it is removed. Also: apparently unleashing a vampires true power increases her bust size, gives her a firmer butt and makes her look sexier. If I could only bottle that and sell it I would never have to work again, nor would my family for generations).

ANYHOW – I’m getting off track!

rosario-Vampire-rosario-vampire-2641899-2560-1794.jpgThe point of the post is that Tsukune is followed by a gaggle of girls who, for unknown reasons, absolutely adore him. Each one wants to be ‘his girl’ and they are constantly throwing themselves at him in sexy and humorous ways with the exception of Moka, who acts much more sweet and innocent. This is the reason why they don’t want to date any of the other guys at the school, and is also a reason why the other guys in the school want to kill him.

Stories like this, as goofy as they are, are a big hit with guys and I tell you with 100% certainty its because (aside from the gratuitous panty shots) most men would give the world for ONE girl who chases him like this, much less a gaggle of them. Though they act kind of mean toward Tsukune some times it never lasts very long and they always end up fawning over him again.

tsukuneNow, unfortunately, Tsukune follows the typical un-masculine archetype that is typical in Japanese anime. He is quite a wimp, even though he has no powers, but typically stands up for the girls when they are in trouble.

If your a wife who wants more attention from your husband it might be a good idea to take a page from a show like this. Few are the men that could resist this type of sexy onslaught from their woman. There is a reason why the sexy schoolgirl trope is as big as it is.

If you are a young lady looking for a husband, well, you could learn something from this, but you would definitely need to tone it down considering the amount of physically contact and overtly sexual innuendo going on – but that doesn’t mean you cant have the same kind of fawning attitude over a guy. Pull that off and you will be married in no time flat. Doesn’t matter if you cant cook, clean, paint, darn socks (though these are all good skills to have) – fawning over your man covers many shortcomings.

NOTE: This anime is definitely NOT FOR CHILDREN. Though it doesn’t feature any nudity there is plenty of innuendo going on and, I am not joking, tons of panties on display. Also boob grabbing and a lot of falling into odd, overtly sexual positions.

NOTE2: Okay, I was wrong, the second season does feature some nudity (boobs). Either way, still not for kids, but still funny as all get out! I am enjoying some genuine laughs at how goofy it is.