Was having a deep convo with a friend the other day and he had talked about the fact that because of his wife’s attitude and previous actions earlier in their marriage, he was struggling with keeping affection for her. Oh, he loves her, but his big issue was that, when he hears songs on the radio that SHOULD make him think of his wife, he just cant bring himself to put her in that place. Too much pain is still there, the deep cuts still bleed, and her attitude after all their struggle doesn’t seem to have changed much.

Ladies, don’t burn up your husbands affection towards you. Sometimes its a slow burn caused by disrespect, anger, disobedience, sometimes its a quick flare up when you do something that does catastrophic damage to your marriage – but eventually he will tire. He will still love you, but when he looks at you all he will see in his minds eye is years of struggle, and it will be as a great weight on his shoulders. Actions have consequences.