So earlier today I was perusing the internet when I came across a post on a page I frequent often (well, as often as the blogger puts up new posts).  The subject was about how mainstream Christianity does everything it can to avoid holding women accountable for their actions, even go so far as to create stories, whole cloth, about how men are forcing women into bad behavior because of their own desire to avoid some responsibility. For example, men do not want to join the military to fight Americas enemies, so women are forced to take up the slack by joining the military. Men don’t want to join the work force (they would rather stay at home all day and play video games, watch porn and eat Cheetos), so women are forced to take the slack by entering the work force. I would say that it never crosses their mind that Christian women could just be rebellious and doing whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, regardless of scripture, but in saying that might be a lie. I would think that it MUST cross their minds at some point, but I could be very wrong!

You see there’s this school of thought in mainstream Christianity that men are completely responsible for the actions of women (well, for their wrong actions, anyway. Anything good that women do are part of their ‘innate and natural goodness’). Now why would Christians, both men and women, think that? Perhaps it has to do with the oft recalled account of the original sin, which goes something like this:

(please read the following in your head in a ‘preacher voice’, preferably a ‘woman preacher’)

“And so there Eve was, standing by the same tree that God had told her to avoid. And that ol’ serpent, he was spinnin’ his lies, telling her, ‘This tree won’t KILL you! Why, Gods just jealous! He knows that as soon as you eat from this tree, you will be like him! He wants all the glory for himself, so he told you this tree would kill you!’. Well, now, Eve, she took one look at that fruit and saw it was good for eating. And that serpent, boy howdy, was he convincing! And there was Adam, just standing there, watching this whole scene play out, acting a fool when he should have been stepping in to protect his wife! That’s right, he just stood there like a sop! And so, Eve takes that ol’ fruit, and takes a bite, then turns around to Adam and says, ‘Hey, this is pretty good, you should have some!’. And Adam, seeing that Eve DIDNT die, figured well why not, and he takes a big ol’ bite too! And the bible says their eyes were opened! And they knew they were naked so they run off and put themselves together some clothes out of leaves.”

“Then the word says that God appeared in the cool of the day, and He called out for Adam saying, where are you, because Adam and his wife hid themselves. Now let me tell you, God may have called out where are you, but he knew EXACTLY where Adam was! So finally Adam comes out from his hidey-hole and says well, I heard your voice in the garden, Lord, but I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid! And God asks Adam, well, who told you that you were naked? And what’s the first thing Adam does? He says to God, the creator of the universe, it was this woman you gave me! She gave me the fruit from the tree you said not to eat from and I ate it! THAT WOMAN YOU GAVE ME. That’s right, Adam shifted the blame from himself and said, well it was THAT WOMAN, instead of being a man and admitting he had done wrong.


If you go to church you have probably heard this recounting of the original sin and the fall of man. There are a couple of problems with this particular version, however.

  1. Preachers who do this add to the scripture by placing Adam right there with Eve while the serpent tempted her, always reducing him to some brainless wonder, akin to being a tree himself. Powerless or unwilling to stop the oncoming train wreck. The bible does not give any credence to this assumption, nor does it deny it – it just doesn’t say! Adam could have been completely on the other side of the garden a mile away for all we know, but we DONT know.
  2. Preachers who do this use a trick to shift the fault of Eve onto Adam by saying Adam shifted the blame onto Eve! The fact of the matter is that Adams statement is a true statement! It WAS the woman God gave him! She DID give him the fruit of the tree to eat. Adam is to blame for accepting it, but we aren’t told that he willingly took the forbidden fruit from his wife. Given woman’s tendency to deceive, how do we know he even KNEW it was from the tree he was told not to eat from! Try brining THAT up at your next married couples bible study and see how fast you are stricken from the ranks!

When you teach that, from the get go, man screwed everything up you are singing to the choir. Women lap this stuff up because it gets them off the hook for EVERYTHING. Anything they have done wrong can be traced back to their husband, which can be traced back to ADAM, “The First Man Who Didn’t Man Up”.

If your a Christian man, don’t fall for this tripe.