On the down side…

A tree fell on the top of my truck. On the up side, I found the missing match to one of my socks. What a day.


Author: SnapperTrx

Just a guy on the internet.

6 thoughts on “On the down side…”

    1. We had quite a wind storm yesterday and I guess it weakened the roots of one particular tree because as I was driving down the road on my way to meet someone with a sword I noticed said tree falling toward me. I swerved and it bounced off the top of the cab, breaking the luggage rails and putting a large dent. Fortunately it didn’t penetrate the metal, but I am going to have to have the bolt holes that held on the luggage rails sealed up, since some of the bolts pulled completely out of the metal. No fun. Saturday morning at the insurance office, but at least my son and I were safe. If it had fallen a few seconds sooner we would have plowed into it or, worse, it would have been through our windshield. God does indeed keep watch over us.

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